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  1. atlas333

    Drexelline Closing!!

    I just heard that Drexelline is closing on the 28th. I heard the will move but don't know where yet. The building is going be torn down! I know this is Iusedtoberich's home room. That is the last room in the philly burbs as far as I know. What a bummer. I hope they find a new location. Paul
  2. atlas333


    I just signed up for a subscription to Fargorate for a yearly membership for $12.99. This seems super reasonable to me and I want to encourage everyone to do the same. Anyone who is trying to do positive things for Pool deserves our support and with such a reasonable fee there is little excuse...
  3. atlas333

    ICA projector system

    Got my ICA projector system all set up with Robin's help on Friday. I am so excited about the potential for this to help improve my game. I have always struggled with position play and have relied on my shot making and banking ability. Robin was amazing as he spent a long time on the phone...
  4. atlas333

    GO Customs CF shaft and cue

    I heard about GO Customs CF shafts on here from Garzar I think. I like buying from smaller custom guys more than from big companies. I also did not have to wait too long for Goran to make these for me. Goran is great to work with and I am very happy with my new shaft and cue. What I did was...
  5. atlas333

    Full rack Rotation

    Does anyone else think that, with pool evolving, we are heading to a world where full rack rotation, on a 10' table, will become the ultimate title for pros? And if so how long will it take for that to happen. I am thinking we could see this happen in 10 years. It's just an idea that cameto...