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    test photo, how di you like it?
  2. KD Cues

    Sacramento Chuck Markulis Memorial Tournament

    Here is a link to some photos and an article: It is about the memorial tournament this last weekend from an avid pool fan. Hope you like it! Please thank Mary Ann, if you do. Great to see all of you (in the dark)!!!! All the best...
  3. KD Cues

    WTB Brunswick anniversary table

    I have a friend who asked about a Brunswick anniversary or centennial table for his house. He is not an AZB member and I told him I would ask. This table will end up in Las Vegas. Ready to buy now if the price is reasonable. Local offers will be considered first. Eric, this is in your area...
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    test att.

    ten character message!
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    here goes another try!
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    testing photo