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  1. krupa

    What would you do?

    Hello, I've been using my time since I started working from (and barely leaving) my house to work on my game and try to improve my 14.1 especially. After things get back to normal, I want to find a regular 14.1 game with someone/somewhere even if it means trucking 90 minutes to Syracuse once a...
  2. krupa

    Will Team USA perform better than 2014?

    With the announcement that 3 of 5 spots on Team USA will be filled based on achievement, do you think Team USA will be better (that is, have a better record) than the 2014 team? Here's a thread about the announcment:
  3. krupa

    Turning Stone: Most surprising early round loss?

    I was surprised to see Mike Dechaine in the loser's bracket after the first round. This is the first I've heard of Erik Hjorleifson (the guy who beat him), anyone know anything about him?
  4. krupa

    Netflix is streaming The Hustler

    I was flipping through Netflix last night and saw that they are streaming The Hustler. I haven't seen it available before so thought I'd pass along the info.
  5. krupa

    Bringing pool to schools...

    Here's an interesting segment of the Ronnie O'Sullivan Show that looks at a program that introduces kids to snooker. A couple observations: 1) The small, portable tables. This is great. There's no reason that kids have to play on tournament...
  6. krupa

    Two words to win the British Open

    A friend pointed this article out to me last night at league. I think having a single thought/idea/thing-to-focus-on can be really good if you're like me and have trouble filtering out all the noise and distractions in the bars/poolrooms while playing...
  7. krupa

    Do you replace your own tips?

    I always have a local guy replace the tips on my cues but lately I've been thinking of learning to do it myself. The local guy is great but has so much going on that I usually have to wait a week or more to get a shaft back. So I'm wondering if I'm in the minority with not knowing how to...
  8. krupa

    Accu-stats All Star Make-it-Happen Event

    I didn't see this discussed on the forum in the past couple days. Did I miss it or did everyone miss it: I like that they're doing different packages at different price points.
  9. krupa

    What should I do about my table?

    I bought a used GC II about 28 months ago. I have lived with its problems but now I'm getting sick ofi t. 1. As I metioned in another thread, the ballbox on my GC II was missing the metal trim piece and the wood had worn down so much that balls can spin out of the box and bounce on my...
  10. krupa

    Thinking of converting GC from ball-return to drop pocket.

    As the subject says, I'm thinking of converting my Gold Crown II from a ball return table to drop pockets. My ballbox is worn down in one spot and balls frequently fall out and bounce on the concrete floor. Because of this I don't use a nice set of Centenial balls I was given. Also I recently...
  11. krupa

    Where can we find the Christmas Classic stream?

    The article doesn't have a link to where we can find the stream. Found it You guys should put this information in your releases. :) Thanks -matthew
  12. krupa

    Did I miss an "exciting news" announcement about MC?

    On the first day of the Mosconi Cup, they posted this on their facebook page: Have they announced the "exciting news" yet? I didn't see anything on facebook that qualifies as "exciting" and I figure it would have gotten lost on AZB in the rush to call everything and everyone disgraceful.
  13. krupa

    Need help to organize/prioritize my skills development

    I've been trying to decide lately if I should buy a jump cue or not. And this has led me into a bigger area of thought where I'm trying to figure out the best way to organize and prioritize my practice time. In other words, what should I work on now and when should I say that skill/shot X is...
  14. krupa

    Arnold Palmer better than Jackie Gleason? is doing a gallery of golfers playing other sports (LINK) and though they show Palmer bowling, the accompanying text has this: Thought it was an interesting tidbit to share...
  15. krupa

    Gold Crown Pocket Types

    I have an older model Gold Crown (I think it's a II but have no definitive proof) and the rubber/plastic pockets have been beat to hell. I was looking at Classic Billiards to get a price and I see they have two offerings: Factory Brunswick style replacement Gully return boots for Gold Crown...
  16. krupa

    What's in a break cue?

    I currently use an old McDermott for my break cue. I see no exceptional reason for getting an real break cue but my birthday's coming up and figured that might be something to suggest. Is there something about break cues that make them better than an old cue with a hard tip? (I don't need a...
  17. krupa

    World 14.1 Venue

    I'm mulling over the idea of driving down to the City for the last couple days of the tournament but when I look at Steinway's website, they don't seem to have anything in the way of spectator seating. That could just be because of the pictures they took.... This is important to me because I...
  18. krupa

    Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

    I'm a weekly league player and my record is pretty bad this session. As of today, I'm 3 - 6. When I look back at all my matches, I'm not actually playing that badly, I just make late-game mistakes that cause me to lose. Last night for example, I managed to win hill-hill but 3 out of the 4...
  19. krupa

    House cues @ Jillians in San Franfrisco

    I'm going to San Francisco next week and will be taking a lesson at Jillians. Before you start with the "you should go to XYZ instead", I'm going to cut you off and say that this is most convenient for everyone involved. I don't want to put my cue in my suitcase because it has great...
  20. krupa

    unsportsmanlike conduct punishment...

    Last night I was playing a friend and this situation came up: 3 balls left on the table, the cueball is frozen to one of them, and the other two are uptable; untouchable without some kind of Hail Mary kick shot. Basically, I was hosed. My friend asked if I could just "sweep the balls...