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  1. robertod

    Sold Pre-Flag Master's Tan chalk

    72 Pieces Pre Flag Master's chalk, excellent condition.
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    test 3

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    test #2

    just once
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    What the F is going on here?

    I just turn on ESPN. The premier sport channel, and I am looking at a freaking Cornhole Championship. How the F can this be on and we cannot get a pool match on TV, This cornhole is about as exciting to watch as watching a turtle crossing a road. Surely a pool match of any kind has to be more...
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    Search function not working

    I am sure this has been discussed, but I can't do a search on this subject or anything else. After I submit a search criteria, I am given listings that cannot be reached and given an "Oops message'"
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    the pool scene in the Covid world

    Just curious to hear how everyone is managing their pool game during this pandemic. Are you going into pool halls, playing leagues? Are you just playing on home tables by yourself or with close friends? Are you and the people you are playing with wearing masks? Are you just staying away...
  7. robertod

    R Cue Doctor Shaft cleaner

    Will this product ever be available again? IMO this was the best shaft cleaner/conditioner. If you know of a better product I would like to hear about it. If anyone has any info on the original producer , please forward that info. Robert
  8. robertod

    9 ball for pro tournaments

    Can some one tell me why 9 ball is still used for pro tournaments? Todays pros can easily run 9 ball racks. It's all about the break and then if have a good break, most pros run out fairly easily. 10 ball seems to be a much better test of skill. And so I can't understand why 9 ball is still...
  9. robertod

    Spectator's chair

    I am selling a King Chair by American Heritage. ( see attached link ). My chair is in the Sierra finish and not black like the link. It is in excellent condition and hardly used.This chair has a drawer underneath the seat to store pool accessories. There is a slight finish blemish on one of...
  10. robertod

    Value request

    Does any know what a fair value would be for these balls. They seem to be in very good condition.
  11. robertod

    502 bad gateway

    I am getting this message trying to load some threads. "502 Bad Gateway" Does anyone know what this means? I realize I get it only when I am on a guest. When I sign in, no problem.
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    Table time pricing

    I am not a pool room owner. I just play pool at home and at pool rooms. Can the owners here explain to me why most pool rooms I go to (Chicago) price table time by the person? For example 1 player =$5 @ hr 2 players =$10@hr 4 players =$17 @hr This seems totally idiotic! If a table is being...
  13. robertod

    Olney, South West look, 6 pointer

    Jeff Olney cue, 19oz, , , , SOLD
  14. robertod

    Balance question

    Has the traditional balance of cues changed over the last few years? I am not an expert on where the balance should be and therefore am asking this question so the knowledgeable people can answer. I believe typically the balance should be somewhere about 18-19 inches from the bottom. ( Guessing...
  15. robertod

    GC 3 for $600

    This is not my table nor do I know the owner. I just saw this ad on craigslist. I know they are people here always looking for Gold Crowns and they say they can't find anything less than $2000. Take a look and good luck!
  16. robertod

    headphones during matches

    Should headphones during matches be disallowed? What is stopping someone from having headphones on and having someone on the other end talking to them about strategy or anything else that can help in in a match,like hearing a real good commentator like Jeremy Jones give out his insight on the...
  17. robertod

    SVB vs Chris Gentile @ Chris's billiards

    Shane got laid over in Chicago and call looking for a game. $200 @ game, one pocket, Chris getting one.SVB takes the first.
  18. robertod

    Storing slates

    When storing slates for a very long time ( a couple of years), how should they be placed. Vertical, I am sure, but do they have to be absolutely perpendicular to the floor? Will a slight angle have an affect on them in the long term?
  19. robertod

    <<<<<Varney full splice with 314-2 shaft>>>>>

    Up for sale is a Kevin Varney conversion of a full splice blank. He did not build the blank so he did not sign it. Gonçalo alves into straight maple with matching predator 314-2 shaft. Closer to 19 oz after weighting with a non digital scale. .New Kamui Soft tip, also comes with joint...
  20. robertod

    How straight does a cue have to be?

    So I have seen many cues played by very strong players have a slight table roll. So when does a cue's condition (not-so-small-table-roll) have an affect on the playing characteristics. How bad does the roll have to be before you put the cue down. Does it matter if it's in the shaft or joint or...