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  1. Welder84

    Jump break butt 3/8 x 10 (scratch and dent, no problem).

    Greetings, I am looking for a jump break butt with a 3/8 x 10 pin (does not have to be perfect). I do not mind buying a whole cue, I just have many spare break shafts. Thanks
  2. Welder84

    Schmelke purple heart break cue review

    So the key features are The whole cue butt and shaft are made from purple heart wood (very dense). This cue was offered with a white butt cap and joint (phenolic style) with gold rings. You can custom order a...
  3. Welder84

    Dinko 2222 2x3 case review

    So I just received my Dinko case. Key features 1). 7 pounds loaded. 2). Custom style and Craftsmanship. 3). Holds my cues firmly in place. 4). Pride of ownership and reasonable pricing. Bonus items A handmade case cover. A small stowage top to store items inside the lid. Takeaways 1)...
  4. Welder84

    Karl Boyes instruction

    I find Karls style of teaching fun. Enjoy!
  5. Welder84

    Players HXT 12.75 REVIEW

    So I purchased a Player HXT shaft. This shaft is for an old spare cue (bar cue). I usually play with low deflection Jacoby or OB shafts, among trying Predator, Tiger ect. (they will be my comparison). Pros 1). Ebay (Nielson Billiards) had on on sale for under $100.00. 2). The shaft comes with a...
  6. Welder84

    Advanced Pro Book brief Review

    So this book lives up to the title of Pro. The author covers the mental and physical preparation required to compete at the higher levels of pool. Examples 1). A workout list of multiple three or more rail common position shots, kicks and banks. 2). A detailed explanation regarding letting your...
  7. Welder84

    Forward extension review

    I would like to review my Rick Roper extension. I will start off by saying Rick was referred to my by a well known cue maker. I asked him to make me a 3" inch custom extension for an old Viking 5/16 x 18 piloted pin. He worked with me on the materials, built and delivered the extension in under...
  8. Welder84

    Forward extension 5/16x18 piloted

    For an old Viking cue.
  9. Welder84

    Pro pool player's vs transgender athlete's

    So what is the difference between pro player's dominating amateur (State/regional tournaments) and trans men crushing women's sports? Curious...
  10. Welder84

    Awesome Flashback Match JIM REMPE VS. EFRON REYES

    Hi All, I was a Rempe fan growing up and ran into this match on Youtube. Both Jim and Efren play almost flawless (above .900) and go to the hill. Cheers!
  11. Welder84

    Good Days Bad Days Consistent pool for everyday players

    Hi AZ Forum, So I picked up a copy of this book from Amazon (bed time reading). The cover says Consistent pool for everyday players (2017). I read the 115 page book in two evenings. This book was not well written (author Tim Dubetz) and suffers from an identity crisis (part pool instruction...
  12. Welder84

    The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards

    Hi AZ Forum, So I would like to give a brief review of DR. Dave's book (from 2004). This book is 245 Illustrated pages (holy crap!). I have several pool books, but this book has the most content. And for a retail price of $14.95 (I bought mine used+shipped $4.95) is a great value. Pros A huge...
  13. Welder84

    Mark Wilson's book used

    Play great pool. My price point would be $50.00 shipped. (from a verified AZ member) . Thanks
  14. Welder84

    Imperial Free table worth the hassle?

    Hi All, I was looking to have a second pool table for a weekend residence There is a clean Imperial 8' foot offered for free pick up. I have a dolly and trailer so pickup is also free. Is this brand table serviceable? Brand issues? Would you take an Imperial table for free? Thanks
  15. Welder84

    Phone number for Swift cases?

    Hi all, I tried to contact Swift from the web site phone number and the line is disconnect ed. Any have contact information? Thanks
  16. Welder84

    Thank you!

    I would like to thank all the positive people on AZ forum. My game has improved over the last 2.5 years. Due partially to some very good instruction on this forum. So thank you CJ, Dr. Dave, Bob Jewett, Tim man, SJM and all contributing members. I am practicing tonight dreaming of 2021. 🥂...
  17. Welder84

    The One Ball Drill

    Feedback on this drill please. You make a ball of the spot and play position for the same location. Shoot until you miss and count the points. Each ball pocketed counts as one point.
  18. Welder84

    What ever happened to Its George or GTF cases?

    I would love a 3x6 version.
  19. Welder84

    Jacoby cue with two shafts $1050 Shipped

    For Sale: 2017 Jacoby cue. Butt 15.0 oz Sold with two shafts One Jacoby Hybrid shaft One Jacoby Carbon Fiber shaft :The cue is straight and nice. :The cue has one very small blemish one the butt cap near the Jacoby logo. :I can send more detailed pics, this web site is limited. The price...
  20. Welder84

    Tap for Radial threads

    Hi, I am interested in purchasing a unilock Radial tap. Thanks