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  1. Kim Bye

    Cue woods for the future

    The updates to CITES now involve everything in the Dalbergia genus, so is all ebony in the Diospyros genus and mahogany in the Swietenia genus. All together that`s a pretty large chuck of what traditionally has been thought of as top quality woods for cue building. Deep red/brown woods and most...
  2. Kim Bye

    Spectraply, Dymondwood alternative?

    Ruthland seems to be down and out for good, I`m looking at alternatives, after some searching I have come up with these two: The Webb products seems to be closer to Dymondwood. The CWP stuff has alot...
  3. Kim Bye

    Joss cue identification

    I`ve searched long and hard, but I`ve come up with no information about what model this is and what the retail price was. Yes I know I could email Dan Janes and ask, but I`m gonna try here before I take up some of Dan`s valuable time.
  4. Kim Bye

    West system permacote

    I'm looking for a good clear epoxy that is easy to work with. I've been using B.S.I finish cure for now, but it's expensive and I don't think it's very hard, ut sometimes sort of crumbles when you sand it. Any cuemaker here who use Permacote from West System?
  5. Kim Bye

    Shaft storage

    I'm looking for a easy practical way to store shafts. I have seen some makers store their shafts in carts, but can`t seem to find those. Does any one have a link to someone who sells those carts or other smart ways to store lots of shafts?
  6. Kim Bye

    Threading shaft collars

    So threading shaft collars, worth the ekstra time?
  7. Kim Bye

    Applying logo to shafts and butts

    How do you guys put your logo on cues and shafts? My first thought is decals or silk printing. I want something that is quick and easy. Signing by hand isn`t really practical anymore...
  8. Kim Bye

    Coring, tolerances?

    How many thou clearance do you guys prefer? I`m gonna order a new gun drill from Sterling, but I`m debating with myself as to how tight a fit I should go for. I have tried different glues now and I find that I prefer West epoxy over gorilla glue, so I`m leaning towards a fairly tight fit. .750"...
  9. Kim Bye

    3/16" carbide insert boring bars

    I need a fairly long and thin boring bar for joint pin installs, The solid carbide ones from Micro100 are a little short, so I have been looking at those 3/16" 4" long boring bars that use regular inserts. I have never used on of those 3/16" boring bars befor and wonder if they are any good for...
  10. Kim Bye


    Guys I`m at the hospital at the moment and I`m bored out of my mind! I`ve been reading alot about finishing lately and I have experimented quite a bit with finishes lately, I`m getting fairly nice finishes, but I`m not happy yet and I suspect I could make the oparetion easier for myself. I have...
  11. Kim Bye

    Mystery cue

    A customer gave me this cue for a total refinish. He says it's a Meucci, but there is no logo? The buttcap is Delrin, the pin 5/16-18 and the insert in the shaft is nylon, like Huebler used.
  12. Kim Bye

    Just had to post this...

    Yes I`m a European :)
  13. Kim Bye

    Thread mill for 3/8-10, 3/8-11

    I need a 1/4" shank carbide thread mill for 3/8-10, 3/8-11 threads. I have a few now from Micro100, but they cut threads too thin, works great for 14,16,18 TPI If any one has a link, I'd greatly appreciate it :)
  14. Kim Bye

    Long tap for Joss and OB weight bolts?

    I`m having trouble finding a long tap for these bolts, I believe the bolts are 1/2-13. Atlas has an extra long 3/8-16 tap for their weight bolts, but I would like atleast a 7" 1/2-13 tap for cleaning and repairing the threads on OB, Joss, Viking and others who uses those bolts. Where can I get one?
  15. Kim Bye

    Turning down shafts, router bit or milling bit

    I have lots of wood to turn down this summer, what gives the cleanest cut? I have regular two sided carbide brazed router bits, 3 and 6 wing carbide cutters and carbide end mill bits, I see all of the above being used, so I'm wondering is this just personal prefrence? Or is there a a reason why...
  16. Kim Bye

    Woods suited for full length cores

    So I'm planning on doing some break cues. I'm gonna use full length .750 cores. I already have some nice maple and purpleheart, but seeing as this is kind of an experiment for me, I would like to try other woods for cores too. Yellowheart, Shedua, Bacote are some of the woods I have found that...
  17. Kim Bye

    Jacoby Cue Tulipwood/maple

    Nice Jacoby with maple forearm and butt, tulipwood details. The cue is about 18.5oz and comes with two shafts. 1 Maple shaft 1 Tiger X-pro 30" The cue has a brass Radial pin and it`s fitted with the Mezz Ex bumper. Price: $800 The cue is in Norway, shipping to USA is about $50, I`ll split the...
  18. Kim Bye

    BXA setup, 1212 or 1616 tool holders?

    Most of my carbide toolholders are 1212, now that I got a BXA toolpost I can use 1616 wich is chunkier and I guess that means less vibration and higher accuracy. But is it worth swapping all my 1212's for 1616?
  19. Kim Bye

    Wtb holly turning blanks or dowels

    I'm having a hard time finding some quality holly pieces, any one got some extra I can buy?
  20. Kim Bye

    Surprises when doing work on production cues

    I`ve been doing alot of repair work lately, some cue brands are very straight forward and are built the way you expect them to, but some brands, seems to cut corners everywhere they can... To me one brand stands out from the crowd, when it comes to cut corners: Viking. I`m just surprised over...