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  1. PoolBum

    Advice on a New Tip?

    Ok, I'm back to playing after a two year layoff and four eye surgeries. I can see better now than I ever have in my life. I played seven hours of pool today! I'm looking for advice on a new tip. I've been using a Moori medium, so I may be looking for something similar, but I don't know...
  2. PoolBum

    Cool article about Chelsea Billiards, NYC

    Chelsea Billiards, my favorite pool room of all time. New York's Chelsea Billiards: Last Home for the Hustler. Sharpshooters can still pocket a fast buck in this dank, old-fashioned pool joint. It's a scene out of Hollywood. DAVID RYNECKI COLUMBIA NEWS SERVICE April 7, 1993 They come with...
  3. PoolBum

    This is Ames, Mister.

    I don't know if it's been posted before, but I ran across this picture of Times Square from the early 1960's, with Ames Billiards in the shot. It was located at 160 West 44th Street, at Seventh Avenue.
  4. PoolBum

    U.S. Open Dream Final: Filler vs. Wu!

    Ok, who you got? I will pick Wu, just because I'm pulling for him!
  5. PoolBum

    Bigfoot Final 8

    Today's Matches: Orcollo vs Deuel Filler vs Busty Shaw vs Gorst SVB vs Chang JL
  6. PoolBum

    Question About Paul Mottey Cues

    Most Paul Mottey cues I have seen have his name and date on the forearm. I'm curious as to how common or rare Paul Mottey cues with a "PM" on the buttcap are, like the one pictured here?
  7. PoolBum

    Last 10 Players on Friday at The U.S. Open

    Last 12 Players on Friday at The U.S. Open Winner's Side: Shaw vs. Ko P.C. Kaci vs. Sanchez-Ruiz One-Loss Side: Deuel vs. Chang J.L. Dang J.H. vs. Hohmann Filler vs. Thorpe De Luna vs. Oi My pick to win it all from here is Little Ko.
  8. PoolBum

    Next Up: Shaw vs. Ko Pin-yi!!

    Here we go!
  9. PoolBum

    Billy Thorpe beats Wu 11-1

    Welcome to the U.S. Open Mr. Wu!
  10. PoolBum

    Ko Pin-yi Match

    Did anyone see a TPA for Ko Pin-yi's 11-1 win on the stream table? I didn't see one but it had to be pretty sick.
  11. PoolBum

    Photo of Jimi Hendrix Shooting Pool

    I'd say his bridge hand needs a little work, but he still looks cool!
  12. PoolBum

    Shane's 3 10K sets?

    I believe it was Randy Labonte on the Turning Stone stream who said that Shane recently played three 10K sets abroad over three days. Does anyone know the story behind this?
  13. PoolBum

    Refinishing Question

    Is it possible to have just part of the butt of a cue refinished? For example, is it possible to have just the butt below the wrap refinished? I suspect the answer is no, that the whole butt would have to be refinished, with a new wrap put on, but I thought I'd ask just in case. The reason I...
  14. PoolBum

    Cue Refinishing Question

    Pardon my ignorance, but could someone tell me if there is any way to fix an imperfection in the finish of a cue (like a ding) without having the entire cue refinished?
  15. PoolBum

    Friday's U.S. Open Matches

    Winner's Side: David Alcaide vs. Shaw Jeremy Jones vs. Chang J.L. One-Loss Side: Ko P.C. vs. Alex SVB vs. Brandon Shuff Cheng Y.L. vs. Alshammari Ko Pin Yi vs. Orcullo
  16. PoolBum

    Final 6 at Turning Stone

    Looks like we're down to the final 6 players at Turning Stone. On the one-loss side we have Earl vs. Ernesto and Mike D. vs. Donnie Mills. The hot seat match will be Jayson Shaw vs. Karen Corr. I'm rooting for Karen to win this event.
  17. PoolBum

    Can Elevation Change Affect a Cue?

    I live near Denver where the elevation is over 6,000 feet, and I recently shipped a cue from here to Ohio. Apparently when the cue got there the butt was warped, and I'm positive the cue was perfectly straight when I shipped it, so my question is could the change in elevation have caused the...
  18. PoolBum

    Tim Scruggs Sneaky Pete Like New

    Cue has been sold. Thanks.
  19. PoolBum

    The Hustler & The Champ

    I've got a brand new copy. The price is twenty words or less, why it should be yours. One entry per person. Ends at 10:00 pm MT, Thursday, February 11th.
  20. PoolBum

    Elliptical Pool Table

    I think I'm gonna get one of these and make some proposition bets: