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  1. leo765

    pair of vikings

    like new condition , dont have model #, willvsell as package or alone, asking 350 for the inkaid and 125. For the solid blue cue, both rollvdead nuts together and apart. All standard specs and weight. Very little play on these two.
  2. leo765

    a pair of vikings

    Howdy good ppl of the forums, been awhile since ive post anything, the last thing i sold on here was a near mint condition brunswich TITLELIST and before that I sold 6 FINGERS a beautiful. Ebony and. I*@ry. Ed Pruitt cue. Well i have a pair like new condition vikings i told a buddy id post and...
  3. leo765

    anyone want a Titlist conversion

    [ATTACH]347897[/ATTACH]This cue is in great shape for its age. It has spent most of its life in a cue case tucked away and forgotten , until recently. Got a great story behind the cue, its been posted on the forums trying to identify the builder. i will try to get some pics in here...hope these...
  4. leo765

    so does anyone need a Titlist?????

    This is a conversion from a pre to mid 40s 1pc in remarkable condition. It has been stored in a case on an upper shelf for the better part of 50 years. The cue has not been played since 1962 and is apparent by the condition. The cue belongs to a friend of mine that asked me to help him sell it...
  5. leo765

    New pics of an old cue ....titlist conversion

    [/IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG]I have a Titlist conversion that I believe is from the 39-45 era based on the curly B lable Brunswick used at that time. It is a Willy Hoppe signature cue Green lable not blue. I have a story behind the cue that starts in newark NJ in 1958. What I dont...
  6. leo765

    looking for the value of this titlist cue

    Hey gang Ive come across this cue that could be worth something and was looking for some insite. Heres what I know. the cue was given to a man named Townley by an unknown man in newark n.j. around 1958. Townleys son gave the cue to my friend around 20 yrs. ago and said it was worth a good bit as...
  7. leo765

    The Old Man and the Player

    The Old Man and the Player refers to a pair of cues you may find interesting. The "Old Man" is a Brunswick Masterstroke that is in Awesome condition and is Very playable with a solid hit... you can see more of the cue. The "Player" is a full splice...
  8. leo765

    Unknown Cue Builder ..but man what a player 350.00

    I have listed this cue before but cant find it in the forums so i will list it again
  9. leo765

    Unknown Cue Builder ..but man what a player 350.00

    For sale- This cue is a full splice sleeper folks, I bought it in a 2x4 instroke case along with a ebony and i>ory Ed Prewitt killer. I played with both cues and originally thought that this was a Prewitt conversion. It plays that well!!! Ed dismissed this as his own and I cant locate the...
  10. leo765

    Can anyone identify this conversion?

    In the attachments i have included as many pictures as possible of this unidentified conversion. The only leads i have are as follows: This cue was in an instroke 2x4 case and was purchased used from a shop in van nuys ca. This cue came with a Ed Prewitt custom and was originally thought to...
  11. leo765

    is this a dan trogdon cue???

    I am wanting an identification on this cue. I believe it to be a Dan Trogdon conversion but not 100% sure. Can anyone Identify this cue as one of their own???
  12. leo765

    A sincere apology to all AZers

    I would like to state an apology to Ed Prewitt and all AZers for a ebay auction i recently held for a " ED PREWITT" conversion cue. I post a reply concerning a thread marking me as a "Very untrustworthy seller" Well it appears Joe was Right. I post the cue with another Ed Prewitt believing what...