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  1. BillYards

    Looking for Made for Nick Varner Joss Cue

    Please message me if you have an old Nick Varner Joss for sale. Looking for a fancy one with z-rings.
  2. BillYards

    Diamond 7’ Table

    I would like to buy a Diamond 7’ table (black) but lost the name of the guy that sells and installs. Please clue me into the thread or tell me the info. Thank you!
  3. BillYards

    Diamond Bar & Grill in Port Arthur Texas - The Real Deal

    Stopped-by The Diamond Bar & Grill this week in Port Arthur and was shocked at how great of a place this is! They have at least 20 well-maintained Diamond bar-boxes, nice staff, great food, sports on TV, and no smoking It was awesome. This is the real deal. Get down there!
  4. BillYards

    Savannah - Places to Play

    Next week, I will be in Savannah and am interested in finding a fun place to play. Big tables or bar boxes are fine. Banging around or serious is fine. Maybe even a weekly tournament. I will be staying downtown, so I probably want to stick close to that area. Thanks for the help!
  5. BillYards

    Weird Game in Kuwait - Ignacio/Pagulayan

    At the 44 minute nark in the Ignacio/Pagulayan match in Kuwait (on Youtube). Jeffrey breaks, but it looks like nobody sees the seven ball drop and he turns the table over to Alex. Am I missing something here?
  6. BillYards

    South East Chicago Pool Rooms?

    Looking for a nice pool room for casual play for tonight in Chicago. I am down by I-80/Indiana border. Any info would be appreciated! Thank you!
  7. BillYards

    Wanted To Buy: Richard Black Red Baron

    I am looking for a specific Richard Black Red Baron cue from 1991. It is the one that was recently traded for a pool table. If you are the new owner of the cue, please send me a PM, as I would like to make you an offer for it.
  8. BillYards

    Hustler Days - Jersey Red Photo

    Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get a nice, framable print of the Jersey Red photo on the cover of Hustler Days...
  9. BillYards

    India, Singapore, and Thailand - Billiards?

    I am going around the world in July and need recommendations for things to see and do in Kolkata, Chennai, Singapore, and Bangkok. It would be great to find places to play while there... Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  10. BillYards

    Slick Willie's - Houston - Westheimer - Closed

    Another poolhall bites the dust. Slick Willies on Weistheimer between Dairy Ashford and Eldridge has closed. The vibe had changed over the past year, so I am not surprised at its demise. It is tough to find a pool hall that is clean and safe. (Though Slick's was not all that clean, it did...
  11. BillYards

    Who Made a Ferrari Cue or Case?

    I recently looked at a website that showed a nice Ferrari-themed cue or case. If you know, please tell me where I saw it. Thanks, BillYards
  12. BillYards

    Help with air dryer

    Please help! I need assistance finding an inexpensive but good way to dry compressed air.
  13. BillYards

    Black Boar AS-8 For Sale

    Black Boar AS-8 For Sale - SOLD SOLD! Thanks for the feeding frenzy regarding this cue!
  14. BillYards

    Lathe Wanted

  15. BillYards

    Richard Black Red Baron

    Need help tracking a cue on Proficient's site.... Does anybody know who owns the Red Baron pictured on Proficient's site? I tried contacting Scott, but did not get a response... I am sure AZ can turn up the answer...
  16. BillYards

    Southwest Cue Order

    Hey, Guys... does anyone know what year (and month) Southwest is currently filling orders from? I placed an order in 2002, so I might be getting close...
  17. BillYards

    Houston or Bust!

    Ok, it really looks like I will relocate for a couple of years and it will be to Houston. Anyone that knows about the pool rooms in the area, please fill me in. Any help regarding good and bad areas in which to rent would be great too. I am going to be working on the West-Southwest side and...
  18. BillYards

    Diamond Table Rail Replacement

    I have the opportunity to buy a 9' Diamond table in good condition, but the seller says the rails are slow (see exerpted e-mail below). My question is: should I take the table and replace the rubber? How expensive and difficult is that? Maybe I should take one of the other tables?? Here is...
  19. BillYards

    Szamboti for sale - Scam-O'-Rama!!!

    Here is a link to a famous cue we all saw pass through E-bay recently! You can pick it up for 1/3 of the price now! I think 11,000 pounds is about $22k.... Please flag as prohibited.... I did.
  20. BillYards

    Awesome Szamboti Photos - Don't Cry!!

    Here are some of the Szambotis that are no longer on U.S. soil. I am going to start a foundation to re-patriate these cues. Notice that a couple of the 8-pointers have veneers, which looks awesome! (Scroll all the way down) Adopt a Szamboti from...