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  1. Chalk & Awe

    New specific ball colours for 9-ball!

    Hi, With 9-ball's growing popularity I think it is time to give the game their own distinctive set of pool balls. Instead of using the standard pool balls for 9-ball, I suggest that we create a separate set of balls for 9-ball. I think the 9-ball should be black and the other balls a solid...
  2. Chalk & Awe

    Lighting for 9' table in home basement?

    Hello fellows, What lighting are you recommending for a 9-foot pool table in a home basement? Only the best, no junk. Thank you, C&A :smile:
  3. Chalk & Awe

    Pool popularity increasing or decreasing??

    Hello fellows, Do you feel pool is increasing or decreasing in popularity in the USA and Canada? It worries me that when I was a teenager there were quite a few pool halls and only two gyms in my city. Now most of the pool halls are gone and there are many gyms. Thank you, C&A :smile:
  4. Chalk & Awe

    Predator cues

    Hello fellows, Do you feel the high-end Predator cues are as good or better than the other cues in this retail space? If not, what would be better? Thank you, C&A :smile:
  5. Chalk & Awe

    Diamond versus Brunswick

    Hello, What do you consider to be the better pool table the Diamond Pro Am or the Brunswick Gold Crown V ?? Advantages & disadvantages? Thank you, C&A :)