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    JB Ultimate Rugged case

    Admins, don't shoot me, I saw a few JB cases reviews already. But this one has a story behind it, so I had to do it. And also, not every thread shows pictures. So the thing is, I ordered a leather JB case.... over a year and half ago, slowly towards the two years club. And, I admit along...
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    Ltt ob-135

    Hey guys, I recently bought an OB-135 cue. To tell you the truth, I like the shaft, the hit but it's too forward balanced for me. So I'm looking to trade it for the Predator Willie Hoppe cue. As mine is mint, I'll only trade for mint too. I don't mind the shaft being used, as long as the butt...
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    Slate question

    Did anyone ever change their slates into granite? We had a table that got damaged during transport. The slate got broken, so I went to ask the price for granite, which is costly, but do-able. What I want to know, is that the seller told me granite is actually equally strong if not stronger than...
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    custom pool balls help

    Is there someone here that knows a company that can create custom pool balls? I have seen custom "glass" balls around and alot of novelty balls but never a site that allows you to determine a ball from scratch. Can anyone help out here?
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    Zahra Cues

    When reading this review, please notice that I'm a purist regarding detail. But I want to start off by saying that I'm impressed and glad to own the Zahra cue in the pic. Ratings: 1) Design A+ The design is in styles like cues made by other cuemakers but the combination of elements and...
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    Pan XT chalk

    Well, I created this seperate thread to give a review about this product and how I experience it to be. So it's a performance review. To answer the other thread, check Packing: A-rating I got my chalk delivered 2 days ago and I was curious to test it. What I first...
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    Longoni Niels Feijen T10 Leather Wrap.

    For sale, I have a Longoni Niels Feijen T10 cue. It has a custom leather wrap installed by Mervin Bautista. It has a 314² shaft, refitted after direct contact with mr. Pierluigi Longoni. The cue has a limited amount of use. It's a great cue, a must have if you like Longoni. Make some...
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    CHAMPIONSHIP TOUR EDITION CHALK by Silver Cup I found this and I know Silver Cup is "poor" chalk to say the least. But has anyone been able to try out this so called new formula? Every...
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    Softest grip

    Hi guys, I have very sweaty palms so I want to replace my current linnen cuegrip. I would like to replace it be something with a really soft feel to it. It doesn't have to be leather, but if it is leather, kindly advise me what type of leather, because some feel hard and kinda "plastic"-like...
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    Shuken Custom Supremacy Series Cue

    Guys, I recently bought my Shuken cue from Andy Ho over ebay. I just got the cue in today and when I unwrapped it, I couldn't have been happier. I'll try to post up some pics of my own cue in the other section soon. Anyhow, the cue is a BEM forearm with 3 high ebony points and 3 low striped...
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    WTB X-breaker

    Hi, I'm looking for an X-breaker. grip doesn't matter. But I prefer to find a none-black one, like Golden oak, stained or natural maple.
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    Cuetec R360 shaft

    Ow boy, I even fear to post a review on this because I know many people grew up hating Cuetec. To be honest, I felt I needed to because I saw many people react that SVB isn't playing well against Earl because he owns a Cuetec... To be honest, I have tested one of the new generation Cuetecs and...
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    Poison VX Jump Cue

    I just wanted to share some feedback on this. When I first saw the look, I was a lil' bit prejudice about an actual performance. But I have to say, I couldn't be more pleasantly surprised. I bought the jump cue for 70 dollars. So that puts among the less expensive jump cues, knowing the Mezz...
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    BMC Cues

    Guys, I don't want to create another Medici type of thread. But, what I'm curious to know, is: do the BMC cues have a higher quality that normal Meucci's? Is it the same quality or not? I like the designs and I want to know if BMC is getting somewhere.
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    Pechauer vs Viking

    Hi guys, I'm going to get myself a new high end cue. and I know that I'll stick with the OB1 shaft but I dunno what to choose from. Money's not an object, but I'd like to know how these cues compare to each other. A Pechauer ltd 15 "Hollywood" vs Viking's G87 Pool Cue. I used to own a cheaper...