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  1. THam

    Carbon vs Wood Jumper

    So, I was wondering which is better/easier to jump with? I have tried several jump cues and my favorite is an old Lomax I had with an extra long extension. I am currently about to receive another Lomax jumper with standard measurements, but I am wondering about a carbon fiber jump cue. I...
  2. THam

    Sold Custom JB Leather

    Hey everyone, This case was completed in April of this year and has been lightly used since I got it. I'm looking to sell because I have had some bills come up that have to be paid. It's Burgundy leather, with snake leather print, and crocodile leather print. All metal is brass. Full custom...
  3. THam

    Extension Length

    Hey, so I am having a custom cue made and having a custom extension built to match it. On the cue I went with all the accessories including a screw in extension. Now my question was what are people's opinions on the ideal length of an extension to use only for the shots that you can't quite...
  4. THam

    Looking to improve

    I'm not sure if this is a question for the ask an instructor area or not. But here's some background about me. I have been playing pool for around 6-7 years and I feel I have improved very slowly, but I also don't put in much time at all into practice, I mostly go out to hang out with my...
  5. THam

    Deciding on Tip for Ignite

    I might buy a Mezz Ignite, I get to try it tonight. Is the Zan Medium a good tip for the shaft or should I change it? I'm considering some other options -Zan Premium Soft -Zan Hybrid Max -Kamikaze Soft -G2 Soft (If I can find one) -Precision Soft Any other layered tip recommendations to go on...
  6. THam

    Redrilling CF Shaft

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has experience with retapping the pin on a carbon shaft. Does it change how it plays or not? Just something I was curious about, I'm looking to have the joint changed on a carbon fiber shaft.
  7. THam

    Veneer Color Suggestions

    Was wondering what veneer colors would look good with Honduran Rosewood Burl with Ebony? I haven't seen many cues with veneers and Honduran rosewood burl.
  8. THam

    JB Leather and Snake

    So I have to start by giving credit where credit is due. This case I’m having made was inspired by a Al Kinghorn case. I saw it and was absolutely was my favorite case ever, had to have one similar to it. This is the sketch for my new JB and I’ll post pictures as it goes. It’s going to be some...
  9. THam

    CF shaft iv joint

    Has anyone played with this combination? If so how does it feel. I’m considering using the good stuff on my joint and hoppe ring on my custom being built. I originally requested efloryn.
  10. THam

    Extension for Tascarella

    I was wondering if anyone knows of anyone who makes an extension for a Tascarella cue, one that screws into the butt not one that screws into the shaft. I have been reading a round and read that the Tascarellas don't usually make extensions. If anyone can lead me in the right direction it'd be...
  11. THam

    White and Black Diamond Tables

    So, I was looking through some posts the other day of pool tables and saw a white and black diamond table. I had never seen one before and thought it looked amazing. Is this something that is custom made? or is it stained or painted by the person who had it? I had just never seen one like it...
  12. THam

    Organzing Tournament and Drawing

    So, I am thinking I am going to do a big money tournament (big for my area), I am doing it so that part of the entry fee goes to charity. I want to do it for charity to I can put charity service on my resume for my school program. I was thinking of also having a drawing for prizes if you buy...
  13. THam

    Lightning Bolt Jump Break Cue

    Hi, I have a friend of mine who is looking for a Lightning Bolt Jump Break cue 12 oz with the G10 tip. Message me if you have one.
  14. THam

    Sold 2020 James Hanshew Jump Cue

    Brand new unchalked 2020 James Hanshew jump cue. Asking $300 OBRO Shaft: 29" Butt: 12" Extension: 6 1/2" Will try to get some better pics.
  15. THam

    Case Recommendations

    So, I'm hoping to get a new case for the holidays and wasn't sure what to get. I have a JB and I love the case, but I'm not sure if JB makes the style of leather case I'm looking for. I really like the style of the Jack Justis leather cases with the cut diamonds into the leather with some sort...
  16. THam

    Scratches on cue

    I keep getting more and more scratches on my break cues finish, it might even be deep enough to be into the wood. I’m thinking it’s my case but I’m not sure. I haven’t dropped it or anything. The weirdest part is the scratches run laterally. I’m just concerned because my new cue will be ebony as...
  17. THam

    Metal in cues

    I was wondering what it is that causes metal to pop out on a cue stick? Is it a finish issue? I am having a cue made but a friend of mine says a lot of metal will stick out to the point you can feel it.
  18. THam

    Black Inlays

    I was wondering what material is recommended for black inlays? I want to have notched diamonds with a white backing put into a cue.
  19. THam

    Cuetec Cynergy 12.5

    No longer for sale.
  20. THam

    Keeping white and black leather wrap clean

    Was wondering what it’s like to keep one of the white and black leather wraps clean? The python or lizard ones. I was looking at having a cut made with one and was wondering if there is something you can put on it to keep it clean? Also should I wipe it down after using or something?