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  1. Dead Money

    Why are pool balls round?

    I have been around pool a long time but I have always wanted to know: Why are pool balls round?🎱 Are pool balls more round on a bar box or an hourly table?🎱
  2. Dead Money

    Ball set- What kind are these?

    Checked out a new pool hall in Austin recently and these are the balls they had. What type are they? This is the place btw:
  3. Dead Money

    Minnesota Fats, Where Are You?- A Good read from an old Texas Monthly Magazine. If I had to guess the Roger in the story is Roger Griffis. Anyone know for sure? Lots of great players are mentioned including Richie Ambrose and UJ Puckett. Paging Jay are mentioned in there too!:)
  4. Dead Money

    Family Matters - Fast Eddie Winslow :thumbup:
  5. Dead Money

    Anyone know what pool hall/bar this is?

    There is a pool hall in a few shots of one of the Crown Royal Commercials that looks to be set in New Orleans. Anyone know what pool hall/bar this is?
  6. Dead Money

    Old Pool Hall Sign....

    So I was messing around on the Mecum Autos and Road Art auction website and I came across this nifty gem: Anyone recognize it and perhaps know which pool hall it came from?? Perhaps it was a generic sign used at many pool halls? Lets see...
  7. Dead Money

    New Jack in the Box Commercial with pool!

    There is a new Jack in the Box Commercial with pool in it. Check it out: Anyone recognize the pool hall? :)
  8. Dead Money

    Groundhog Day deleted pool scene Disclaimer: Yes I searched first and if it has been posted here before it means I am an idiot and didn't see it in the search results :D
  9. Dead Money

    OK owners...are you showing the new TV Show The Hustlers in your room?

    OK owners...are you showing the new TV Show The Hustlers in your room? I'm curious to see if anyone here is running the show or doing any special promos around it:)
  10. Dead Money

    A new Show with some pool in it.

    Have you heard about the new show called Mississippi Men that is premiering on The History Channel on January 28,2015 at 9:00? From what I could see the characters are going to be involved in different activities to make money along the...
  11. Dead Money

    Help, my monitor is on fire!

    My monitor is on fire Thanks to Earl and his lightning fast play in the Finals of the Tony Robles Tour event against Mika. Nice Job Earl on winning the event! Thanks to AZB for providing the coverage today :smile:
  12. Dead Money

    A decent player losing to a banger?

    I once lost to a guy with a screw on tip. I think it was the blast breaks and the powerful unplanned shots that got me!:embarrassed2:
  13. Dead Money

    Value of Brunswick Medalists-newer style,not antique.

    I have a chance to pick up a 4 X 8 Brunswick Medalist table that has seen medium use in a commercial setting in the next month or so. I will be able to pick from a few and I'll be breaking it down with a helper and hauling it out myself. I would say most of the tables are B+ condition, some...
  14. Dead Money

    What kind of table is this corner casting from?

    Subject line says it all. I think it is from a GC 4 but I'd like some confirmation if possible from someone who knows for sure. Thanks:)
  15. Dead Money

    Mustang Pool Table!

    :grin: This is pretty crazy, check it out!
  16. Dead Money

    Mint GC II

    About what is a mint and I mean perfect 9 ft GC II worth? I have an aunt with one in her basement that has been sitting under a cover for a long time. She had been holding onto it figuring one of her sons,grandsons or someone in her family would want it and she would give it to them. Well there...
  17. Dead Money

    Pool in the Newspaper!

    Pool author R.A Dyer sinks his shot By John Kelso AMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFF Thursday, March 20, 2008 I should have known better than to play pool for even a little money with a guy who writes about it. "You want to play a game of nine-ball?" asked R.A. (Jake) Dyer, when we hooked up...
  18. Dead Money

    What kind of cue ball is this?

    Ok, here is one for ya'll cue ball experts. Last night I played in a local tourney which was played on 8 foot Gold Crowns with Brunswick Centenial Object balls. My question is about the Cue Balls they were using... The Cue balls where the exact same size as the object balls but were noticeably...
  19. Dead Money

    US Open Brackets?

    Will AZB be posting and updating brackets during the event? :)
  20. Dead Money

    A new pool stick!

    Hey there, I think I am going to finally break into my piggy bank and buy a new pool stick!! After seeing this I simply can not pass up having it to play with every day. What do you think? I suspect if I...