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  1. Poolplaya9

    Article from 1977 about the gambling scene in pool along with some other pool history

    Came across this article from 1977 about the gambling scene in pool and it also manages to intertwine a little bit of history about the amateur and professional pool scenes in general at the time as well. Decent article and pretty well written. One of the lines that I particularly liked was "a...
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    A compilation of some pool and billiards history from 1820-1892

    For those that have some interest in early pool and billiards history, the site linked below has an online digitized copy of the 1893 "The New York Clipper Annual" which contains information on dozens and dozens of pool and billiard challenge matches, gambling matches, and tournaments along with...
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    In what circumstances does the weaker player get more advantage from tighter pockets?

    One of the things that I see a lot of disagreement on in the pool world, even among extremely strong and knowledgeable players, is whether tighter or looser pockets favor the stronger or weaker player, and under what circumstances they feel it favors each if they feel it varies. For some people...
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    Was just exposed to another great pool writer today. Jennifer Barretta. Who knew?

    I just stumbled across Jennifer Barretta's pool blog and she is one incredible writer in my opinion. Along with holding your interest and painting great pictures with words and the superb writing style she also provokes thought and there are some great insights and lessons to be had as well. I...
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    Annie O NT35 flat laminated shaft

    Up for sale is an Annie O NT35 flat laminated shaft made with 35 flat maple laminations. Fits 3/8 x 10 pin, phenolic tip, 12.7 mm, roughly a credit card thickness amount of roll and the finish has lifted some around the silver ring in the joint collar but overall nice condition with no dings...
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    Jerico/Bourques Cue

    Up for sale is a Doug Bourques cue made by Jerry Powers of Jerico Cues. I purchased the cue on here and hopefully the previous owner won't mind if I link to the previous two threads on it as they contained a lot of good information (and pics) on this very unique cue...
  7. Poolplaya9

    Woodworth cocobolo/birdseye 4 points with ivory spear tips

    Woodworth cocobolo into Birdseye maple, 4 points with ivory spear tips. Both ferrules are ivory. Leather wrap. A couple of player dings in the finish of the butt sleeve. 12.4-12.5 mm, 19.5 ozs. SOLD.
  8. Poolplaya9

    Woodworth 8 point cue

    Woodworth 8 point cue (4 high/4 low). Was told by Woody that the forearm is a full splice of Brazilian rosewood into maple but I'm not sure if it is Brazilian rosewood or not. The cue has 24 Abalone inlays. Piloted Stainless 5/16 x 14 joint. Leather wrap. About 12.7 mm and 19 ozs. Shaft...
  9. Poolplaya9

    Judd Cue with ivory points and ivory inlays

    Tuxedo style Judd cue with 6 ivory points (3 high and 3 low). All inlays are ivory. Wood is gaboon ebony. Silver railroad track style rings. 5/16 x 14 flat face joint. Shafts are 12.9 mm. Cue is about 19 1/4 ozs and all rolls straight. Nearly perfect condition on a 20+ year old cue...
  10. Poolplaya9

    Monster Judd cue with Ivory points and inlays!!!

    Monster Judd tuxedo style cue.
  11. Poolplaya9

    Unique Woodworth J/B jump/break with inlays and two shafts

    Woodworth J/B made in January 1998. Unique matching inlays in the butt and on the joint. Shaft 1 is has a leather tip, 12.3 mm, 3.3 ozs, black joint collar may have been replaced as it is slightly thicker than the matching black joint ring on butt. Shaft 2 is an NT35 flat laminated B/J shaft...
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    Woodworth cocobolo into birdseye 4 pt with ivory spears

    Woodworth 4 pt Here is a nice Woodworth 4 point cue.
  13. Poolplaya9

    Full splice 8 pt brazilian rosewood w/ abalone inlays

    Full splice cue!
  14. Poolplaya9

    Fancy Toeboy with lots of ivory

    This is a monster Toeboy custom cue from William Rikard. It is the fanciest Toeboy out there that I am personally aware of (he is most known for his fairly simple and extremely well executed Titlist conversions). Made in 1997. Cocobolo into birds eye maple. Stainless 3/8 x 10 pin. On this...
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    Titlist / Titleist Conversion with Ivory

    This is an extremely well executed Titlist conversion done by William "Woody" Woodworth in April 2004. Everything white is ivory. Solid ivory joint, ivory hoppe ring, irory ferrules, and all inlays are ivory. Not sure what the butt sleeve and point wood is, but it has an iridescent quality...
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    How about a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sticky?

    I have noticed that many newer members, and even some of the long time members, often don't know about useful features like how to post a picture, or how to do a search for a specific topic for example. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sticky thread would be a great resource that gives...
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    The Houston Lengends and Champions Archer/Strickland Tour has been canceled

    I am posting this for Johnny Archer, Earl Strickland and Mark Cantrill (bfdlad) at their request, since they are not able to get to a computer at the moment. They have just been informed by Slick Willee's Pool hall that Slick Willee's has decided at the last minute not to follow through with...
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    Diamond Professional owners

    Please post pictures of your Diamond Professional table along with the name or description of the stain that it has. I am trying to get an idea of how the different stains would look on this model and with certain room decor. I have seen the small stain samples on the website, but sometimes it...
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    New Jim Murnak cue case review

    I just received my new Jim Murnak cue case yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful and the quality throughout is top notch, both materials and workmanship. It was packed extremely well so that there was no chance of damage during shipping. It is a 3x6, fully carved in his original style, and...