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  1. Matt90

    JB Rugged Case Black 2x5

    Shipped anywhere in the lower 48 $115.00 shipped . Used only for storage of cues at home . [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  2. Matt90

    Need held to ID a cue

    Can't find out who made/ manufactured this cue ?? Help please .
  3. Matt90

    Awsome Runde with Beautiful Veneer Work Up for Christmas Sale

    Awesome Runde with Beautiful Veneer Work Up for Christmas Sale I bought this cue about 8 months ago and have only test hit with one shaft ,so it has very little use and is in great shape. I will post more specs later ,it has the soft leather wrap . Asking $1350.00 . I can be reached at...
  4. Matt90

    Predator Ikon 2-1 and Predator Sneaky Pete

    Trying to help a friend sell a couple cues . Just posting these up and leaving his contact info . All transactions will be handled through and by Hank Milner , cell # 229-343-0910 The Ikon 2-1 retails for $650.00 , has some cosmetic dings ,easily repaired but does...
  5. Matt90

    Who will be the first !! 4K

    Even though I am pretty clear of the electronics and service of electronics as a day to day business , I still sort of consult a few older customers that just refuse to call anyone else. So today I stopped in Sound Sensations here in Marietta to get a little work done to my car audio and...
  6. Matt90

    POST #2000 Some Matt90 AzBilliards History

    Wow, 2000 !! Just wanted to say thanks to all the people I have met as a direct result of this website . It seems like yesterday that I decided I wanted to play pool again after leaving it alone for over 15 years. I had started visiting the "Pool Room " in Marietta ,Georgia on a regular basis in...
  7. Matt90

    NEW !!Lomax Player and Ebony Break set or individually

    Goooooooooooone bye bye
  8. Matt90

    New Lomax Cue Review

    Just got my new Lomax cue from Steve yesterday , gotta say this cue is the only cue I did not have to play with for a while to get used to .....I never could figure why people would say that , I knew there had to be a cue that just fit me , well this is it !! Can't say enough good things about...
  9. Matt90

    For Serious Streamers Only

    :smile: , Just caught this ad in the barter section of Atlanta's Craigslist .I could see this parked behind the pool room .:rotflmao:
  10. Matt90

    Let's Donations NEEDED -Asking to All Help Out Lock in His Time of Serious Need

    For those that may not know Lock lost his daughter over the Father's day weekend ,she was murdered. I wanted to start a link for any donations to Lock . He would never ask for help but I assure you everyone needs it during a loss. I am sure he will have some major travel cost and will be out of...
  11. Matt90

    What do you think holds most players back ?

    Time ? Discipline ? Work /Career ? Family ? or do they get to a comfort level and get ok with staying there ? Just curious what has held others back from getting to where they want to be as a player.I know with me I had to make my career a priority and am building up a new business,I just don't...
  12. Matt90

    Happy Thanksgiving and THANK YOU LOCK n LOAD

    As some of you know Lock n Load is a close friend ,in fact I consider Lock family .He and I talk a couple times a week ,although as of late I have been pretty busy starting up a new business. Lock called me monday afternoon around 5:30 while I was driving ,after a few minutes of Lock's current...
  13. Matt90

    White Diamonds Joey A. & SVB

    I am wondering what kind of odds I can get on some action that our very own "ambassador" of good will and pool knowledge JOEY A . WILL place higher at the tournament this weekend than SVB ,US Open Champ . Odds ? Action ?:grin::grin:
  14. Matt90

    WTB : NOVA cue

    Looking for a Nice nova cue . Also have my Omen for sale and would consider a cash n cue trade for the right NOVA cue .Let me know what you got .
  15. Matt90

    TAR DVD Package Deal

    Action Challenge 3 Van Boeing vs Pagulayan 11 disc set 2008 Bar table Challenge Frost vs SVB (Frost vs Montal bonus match) 1 dvd $$$ Make me a fair offer :D
  16. Matt90

    LOCK & LOAD vs The Honey Badger

    That's right ....the rumor is as always Lock can't get no action, no one wants to play BUT today while out doing my appointed duties I ran upon a shirt that said " The Honey Badger don't care , The Honey Badger don't give a sh@t ..." After doing a bit of research I found out that the Honey...
  17. Matt90

    A mini pool related get away ....suggestions please

    I have a few extra days this week before I have to go full tilt into my new career choice .My girlfriend works with Delta so I can fly just about anywhere on the cheap.What I want is a place to play during the day ,in a good area with a good atmosphere for my girlfriend to enjoy the...
  18. Matt90

    Richard Sweet Memorial Updates ? Mr.Cues Atlanta/Chamblee GA

    Had some time to hang out there yesterday , as always Mike Janis had packed the house with players from all over the south east. Tommy K., Joey A.,Archer ,Nevel, Putnam, Shuffett ,Moore and many many other top locals. I am thinking about riding back over to sweat a bit of the action tonight...
  19. Matt90

    Gifted Hands (A Great Movie !!) with a few pool scenes

    Just watched Gifted Hands with Cuba Gooding jr. Wow !! What a great movie and it was great to see a few pool scenes reflecting someone with a high level of intelligence playing pool to keep his hand to eye coordination strong as a neurosurgeon .Most movies have a biker bar with someone...
  20. Matt90

    Smoky Mtn Shootout Updates

    Does anyone know who is going back tomorrow for the final day ?