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  1. Pool Hand Luke

    How many 9-foot tables do you need to have a professional exhibition match? Like two Pros facing each other?

    I propose we petition 60 minutes to give jaime Andy Rooney's old time slot. That's gold jaime, gold!
  2. Pool Hand Luke

    After 15 years, Got the call from South West… Need to move stuff

    Too rich for my blood, but the Ryan Meyer is drop dead gorgeous.
  3. Pool Hand Luke

    30 Ways to Beat a POCKET BLOCKER

    I don't remember if you included this or not, but after seeing your video I was inspired to try a shot I might never have thought of. I was playing 8 ball with the 1 and 15 ball side pocket option. My last ball, the 1 was sitting in front of the right side pocket but I was hooked behind the 12...
  4. Pool Hand Luke

    How Do I Stop Scratching On This Shot?

    After contact, the cue ball follows to the short rail left of the pocket instead of toward the pocket. With center high or draw I was scratching too many times myself. Works for me.
  5. Pool Hand Luke

    How Do I Stop Scratching On This Shot?

    For this shot I've had better luck using top left. I would aim at 11 o'clock pocket speed.
  6. Pool Hand Luke

    Zuckerberg's pool table

    Where's the coin slot?
  7. Pool Hand Luke

    Wasted chalk?

    I bought a 2 pack of Blue Diamond for $7. After a year the top corners are pointy, and the middle is about 1/8" deeper despite my efforts to brush evenly along the outside edges. The paper was beginning to fray around the top edges of both cubes and looking pretty ragged. I removed the paper...
  8. Pool Hand Luke

    Weird things players do .....

    I catch myself pointing the pinky finger of my closed bridge hand up in the air instead of keeping it on the table. I see it right in front of me but shoot anyway. It really does nothing to affect my shot, but I can see where someone might find it weird.
  9. Pool Hand Luke

    Jesse your cue is finished

    Absolutely beautiful! Nice work.
  10. Pool Hand Luke

    Back Pocket 9-Ball Finals

    I came across that yesterday and Grady was killing it. Never heard of that game before. Very entertaining.
  11. Pool Hand Luke

    8 on the break; 9 foot vs. 8 foot

    When I made the eight on the break it was on a 7 footer. Hit the second ball on right side of the rack, 8 mosied over to the left side and dropped in while I was praying not to scratch. Only done it a handful of times, not easy by any means.
  12. Pool Hand Luke

    Is there a version of 8-ball where...

    I've played 8 ball with alternating shots by partners. I thought it was called Scotch Doubles.
  13. Pool Hand Luke

    Ghost Ball’s Billiard Aptitude Test

    Not sure, but it looked like it said "Take 50" right before he ran out. Just watched the second. He runs 82 balls and then apologizes because he didn't make all 105. At least that's what I think happened since I don't understand Japanese. Really like this guy, comes across to me as humble and...
  14. Pool Hand Luke

    Been using the jab stroke, wish I found about it earlier.

    I think I was watching them too but remember the word as cinching. Jeremy's great.
  15. Pool Hand Luke

    “The Hustler” #2 Best Sports Movies

    According to the commentators in the dvd extras, the movie was intended as a love story with pool as the background storyline. Giving the two matches between Eddie and Fats as much screen time as they did may have shifted most viewers interest toward the pool angle of the movie more than the...
  16. Pool Hand Luke

    Music while playing

    When I saw this thread the first thing that came to mind was playing cue guitar to Bachman Turner Overdrive's "Takin' Care of Business" back in the 70s. These days, playing at a senior center I have to listen to ear putty country tunes some instructor has picked out for her line dancing class. Boo.
  17. Pool Hand Luke

    If you were not allowed to Gamble on Pool would you quit the game?

    I already feel bad enough when I lose for free. I sure don't want to pay someone on top of it. For some it helps their game, but for me, just the opposite.
  18. Pool Hand Luke

    6 Steps of the Pool Shot

    I've watched both Tate and JV's videos. They're both excellent players. JV even gives commentary of his thought process through each of his racks. Good stuff.
  19. Pool Hand Luke

    Rookie question about 2-piece cue sticks

    Why vertically? I have mine in a good case but always keep them horizontal. Read that was okay on another thread somewhere here.
  20. Pool Hand Luke

    Best Instructional YouTube Video For Shooting Off The Cushion Recommendations?

    One thing I've tried is when playing practice games is to put any ball in hand up against a rail. Forces me to practice these shots more as I miss too many from my point of view. A couple weeks ago I played on a table with wide level rails and had almost no trouble at all. Quite a difference...