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    Places to play in sauga?

    Gonna be in sauga for a few months coming sept, I'll be near sq1. Any suggestions on nice places to play in the area?
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    Amway 2013

    Happening right now in Taipei, lots of big names and strong players at the event... No real surprises yet except for maybe Jennifer Barretta winning her opener against Zhou Dou-Dou (a really strong Chinese player). Anyways should be a...
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    Breaking from the center of the table

    I generally break from the side rail because I've mostly played 9 ball... I think I've gotten a functional break going for me but with the rising popularity of 10 ball, my focus has turned towards learning how to break from the center of the table. For some reason, I just can't seem to generate...
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    Hitting softly but still 'firmly'?

    So I feel like this is the next big thing I have to change to step up my game... I think I hit the ball waaaaaaaaay too hard most of the time. I hear a lot of people talking about hitting the ball "pure" or hitting the ball softly yet firmly. I have tried slowing down my backswing but I feel...
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    Places to play in Taiwan

    There's probably thousands of great places to play in the country, but does anybody here have any specific recommendations? preferably taipei area, I'll be there for a few months so I'm curious
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    Steve Davis vs. Dennis Taylor rematch

    Speaking of "couldn't miss if he tried" ... 31:09 There's a few others in the vid, definitely worth watching imo :thumbup:
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    Can't see patterns anymore

    It's pretty widely taught that the best way to hit a shot and get shape is to visualize the OB going into the pocket as well as the path of the CB post-contact. For me (as well as probably a lot of others) I can usually approach a table and see the pattern I need to play. This gives me a lot of...
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    Recording with an iPhone

    I'd like to start recording myself when I'm at the table but I don't have a camera/camcorder and I'm a bit short on cash right now so all I've got to work with is an iPhone. Have any of you tried recording your practice with the iPhone's camera? I don't have a table at home, so I shoot at my...
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    Controlled 2nd ball break

    Talking about barbox 8 ball... I've been breaking ok with just hitting the head ball, cue ball on the headstring about an inch off the long rail. Recently though, my break has been utter garbage and I'm dry over 80% of the time which is frankly disgusting. There's a big tournament in my city...
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    Combination shot drills

    Does anybody know any helpful drills for combination shots? I'm hopeless at combos :/
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    9' Diamonds in Ontario?

    Are there any halls in Ontario with 9' Diamond tables? I've never played on one and I'm interested in seeing what it's like.
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    Good tips on a breaker?

    I've heard praises from the various camps regarding the tips used on a breaking cue... ranging from White diamond to samsara to water buffalo to phenolic etc. etc. I've been thinking of investing in a breaker sometime in the near future, but I'd like to gather some opinions first on the various...
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    rail rule

    Just a rule clarification... In 8 ball, any shot where neither one of A) A ball is pocketed B) A ball hits a rail after object ball contact occurs is considered a foul. In regards to A, if the shooter already has a designated set (solids/stripes), am I correct in stating that the shot is...
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    Learning to shoot with the other hand

    I'd prefer to limit my use of the mechanical bridge to shots that are entirely out of physical reach. This question is probably a bit stupid since it's effectively the same as starting entirely from scratch and asking how to stroke. I notice that whenever I shoot a left-handed shot (I'm a...
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    Yukio vs Chris Melling

    Anybody know what the score is?
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    How important is breathing rhythm in regards to billiards? I have never heard it really brought up before, but I noticed while practicing yesterday that despite stroking quite well on my draw drills, I couldn't really pull the cue ball more than half table. After a while I was starting to get a...
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    How to stay motivated (and other questions)

    Recently I've been putting in some work to try and get my terrible habits and mechanics fixed while I'm still fairly new to the game. There's a couple issues arising for me though; mainly, I'm noticing that some of the fixes make my playing feel very awkward and uncomfortable. While the changes...
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    Handicap systems

    I'm completely new to competitive pool, and I've been hearing a lot of numbers being thrown around which I figure were handicaps. However, I'm unfamiliar with the various systems and how they are calculated. Could somebody provide me a run-down of the commonly used formats in North America and...
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    Tips for picking out a cue

    I'm about to join a league in my city as soon as the winter season gets underway. It's my first competitive experience (I usually just play randomly with friends at the bar in the past) and I don't have my own cue yet, but I'm considering buying one. Do you guys have any advice on how I can go...