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  1. Scrunge19

    Signature Changes

    Can someone tell me how I can change my signature? I've looked through just about every menu under settings and still can't figure it out. Thanks!
  2. Scrunge19

    Leveling Capabilities on Uneven Floor

    I'm looking at buying a house and am considering putting a Diamond table in the garage. My question is, how much slope can a Diamond table accommodate and still maintain a level playing field? From a quick glance, it looks like the garage floor slopes about 4 inches over the course of 24 feet...
  3. Scrunge19

    Home room thread?

    Did something happen to the thread where people were posting pictures of their home rooms? I am looking for ideas on a future home pool room but couldn't find the thread that I had previously looked through. I thought it was called 'Show us your home rooms' but I'm not sure.