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    Pool group 3.149 members on facebook

    I have a pool group Pool and Snooker and the general state of the game with 3.149 members. We have been going just over 1 half years and getting bigger week in week out. To join the link https// or as to friend Andy Lishak and I can add you to the...
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    I have a group Pool and snooker and the general state of the game. We have 3.039 members and I want people to join from any where in the world. Its taken just 1 half years to get this amount. So come on people https// please join :thumbup:
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    I live In London England and looking for a job to do in the game!

    About 1 half years ago I decided as there were very few Snooker and Pool pubs and Clubs as they were closing down to go around giving leaflets out and going around to try and get people to join our league. But slowly I have found because pool halls and snooker halls have closed down people have...
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    Pool And Snooker And The General State Of The Game

    I started a group about 1 half years ago on facebook. I did it because pool snooker and billiards is suffering in my area in London England, and also people in charge of the game are very old in there ideas. I came up with ideas taking leaflets around and going in to pubs and clubs all over...