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  1. Nyquil

    Break cue suggestions

    So I have just been using a lucky mcdermott to break. Shaft is starting to develop a warp. I am playing quite a bit each week on my table so I am willing the drop some coin on a dedicated breaker. What do you guys recommend and what weight is your break cue? I have heard lighter can be better...
  2. Nyquil

    Cleaning diamond PRC rails

    Anyone that has the PRC rails knows they can be a magnet for finger prints/oils from your hands etc. I am an avid detailer so I have a few products laying around. I used chemical guys invisible interior cleaner. You can use it on glass navigation screens, etc. Just sprayed it on a microfiber...
  3. Nyquil

    Is this predator cue worth refinishing

    Hey all so I had a 3k7 as my first cue. I should have never sold it. This cue looks well used. I have no experience with refinishing. Do you guys think the condition is good enough? My plan would be full refinish and change pin to radial (if possible) Also predator does refinishing but not sure...
  4. Nyquil

    Richard black anniversary cues. What are they worth?

    Hey all I was looking at buying a cue from a guy that got quite a few cues out of a private collection. The very mint Rauenzhan I was looking at buying unfortunately sold but the seller mentioned he had purchased these two Richard Black's and wasn't sure what the ball park value was. I told him...
  5. Nyquil

    Do jump cues hammer your cloth?

    I would like to learn this secondary skill but I don't wanna put deep gouges on my 860hr. For you guys that have experience with jump cues and have home tables is it pretty easy to get proficient where you are not marring up your cloth? Thanks Brent
  6. Nyquil

    Decals that are put on the tournament tables

    I would like to get some diamond, aramith, simonis and predator decals for my table. I think they look slick on the rail skirts imho based on the tables I see in tournaments. Might put one my light to. Anyone got a hookup for these? Thanks Brent
  7. Nyquil

    Anyone else struggle getting used to 12.4 revo?

    I was playing with standard deflection 13mm cue since I got my table. Was making good progress especially on long distance shots. I figured going down to a 12.4 L/D wouldn't be that big of an adjustment. That has not been the case. Seem to purposely have to aim half a cue tip to the left also it...
  8. Nyquil

    Cue tech chairs

    Saw these in a SVB vid. Anyone know where I can find these for sale?
  9. Nyquil

    Predator revo radial owners

    I do not like the uniloc. Predator seems to be releasing more cues in radial which seems like a solid connection to me. How are the tolerances with the predator butt and shaft for you guys that own this setup? Thinking about picking one up in the next couple of months potentially.
  10. Nyquil

    8 ball or 9 ball which do you find more difficult?

    Been playing 8 ball exclusively since my 9ft table arrived. Skills are improving I am getting better with stroke, cue control, long shot game definitely getting better. I am pocketing balls in tandem on a more consistent basis. Skill level still fairly low but it's only been a couple weeks so...
  11. Nyquil

    Diamond arrived update

    So my diamond arrived this wasn't a super smooth install unfortunately. Diamond sent out an extra side gully vs corner so installer built an extender out of card board until we can get the part in. The carpet blocker for the rack was made backwards installer fixed that. There seems to be a few...
  12. Nyquil

    Adams HOF new old stock

    Anyone have experience with one of these? I put in an offer on ebay and it was accepted. The pictures on ebay were awful but I took a shot the seller had really feedback. These I guess were made by adams under their vintage collection. This one being the frank paradise replica CS431 Cue looks...
  13. Nyquil

    Bought an Ariel Carmeli feedback wanted

    Hey all so this was a straight up impulse buy. This popped up on the FB marketplace literally within an hour of me trying to call another place for a predator le willie. It was a lot more than that cue was. I bought this for a couple hundred less then asking price. What do you guys think? Did I...
  14. Nyquil

    Flooring and keeping my diamond pro am level. League vs pro cut pockets

    So I recently put in an order for a 9ft pro am. My basement is unfinished. I do want some type of flooring to keep my aramith tournament balls in good shape if they were to fly off the table and to help with sound deadening along with adding some cushion for my feet. I plan on spending many...
  15. Nyquil

    Diamond league vs pro cut pockets for 9ft pro am

    When I put in my order with Manning I elected for the league cut 4.75 vs the pro 4.5. My thought was guests may have more enjoyment but realistically I will be playing by myself a majority of time at least for now. I do have a 5 year old daughter that seems intrested in playing and I hope as she...
  16. Nyquil

    Custom cue maker suggestions to replicate a balabushka GB23

    I really like the timeless look of this cue but from my understanding this is made in China which is a no go for me. Any suggestions on a cue maker I could reach out to have one built that resembles this? The joss one just doesn't look as good IMO. No hate on Joss just prefer the look of this.
  17. Nyquil

    Unknown 9 footer

    Planning on placing my deposit for a pro am but I have been keeping an eye out for used tables in my area. The guy selling this said he doesn't know anything about it other than it's a 3 piece slate and has world of leisure pockets. I don't think world of leisure made tables of this style. I...
  18. Nyquil

    Meucci cues QC thoughts on recent production

    I am finally getting back into the game. I sold my predator ikon 10 years back and am looking for a new cue. I would prefer to stay in the $400-$600 range for my first cue getting back into the swing of things. I found a new meucci EC7 with pro shaft for $450 online I like the clean simple look...