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    Is this predator cue worth refinishing

    The cue looks to be in good shape and should be easy to refinish. As for who should do it. Any good cue maker could refinish it for you but not all the cue makers I know like to refinish cues they didnt build.
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    3x6 Jack Justis

    Justis case....
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    Want to fly some pros out to play on this stream and give lessons. Please help?

    I was going to have Earl over for a few days in late February. Except the: Room and Board, Airfare and 800 a day price tag derailed that plan. But you're rich, want his number I still got it.
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    I know its no big secret.....

    Was flipping through some sports channels earlier and its just hard to comprehend the status of professional billiards in the US.... Some years ago I said pool would get theres. I said that after seeing corn hole or some other rediculess thing on mainstream tv and figured, hell they're running...
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    The 8 for life, ha,......ill be needing the 6.
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    How many would actully watch it..

    How many people would actully buy and watch a recording of someone running hundreds of pool balls. I mean really its not like some leaked Pamala Anderson sex tape. From what Ive read the reason for not releasing it is because of loss of revenue from it being pirated. So lets say it would sell 1...
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    Do you know of players who had such Natural Talent, that they could have been a World Champion?

    If the money was right they would be everywhere. Americas got talent, for the right price.
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    3x6 Jack Justis

    Justis case....
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    3x6 Jack Justis

    New.....just sitting in the box it was shipped in 2500.00
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    Carbon fiber break shaft

    What carbon fiber shafts can be used as a break shaft...
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    Just snooping Madden cues

    Anyone know whats up with Jack Madden cues. web address doesn't go to his page anymore....
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    Stainless steel buttcap

    Want to put a stainless steel buttcap on my cue where could I get one? Thanks.
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    Super glue finish ?

    Any tricks to useing superglue as finish over a linen wraped cue to make it feel like a wrapless...
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    Jack Madden 6 point purple heart

    I played this cue for a while then sent it back and ad some more silver dots put in tne rings refinished new shaft built and put it away.. Cue weight 19.5 $1150 Price does not include shipping you pick the shipping and ins.
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    3 Jack Madden sneaky petes

    The top and bottom cues have a new madden shaft all other shafts are 314 2 All cues weight about 19 oz Bottom cue is in best shape it was mine top 2 were my boys they have some extra scuffs $500 each or $1200 for all of it. You pay shipping and ins.
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    Jack Madden Break cue and jump cue

    New stack wrap on break cue 1 new shaft with solid ferrule 2 shafts with break tips (dont recall brand but they are hard) Cue weight 18.5 Jump cue shaft has solid ferrule $800 Price does not include shipping you pick shipping and ins.
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    Jack Madden Nice BEM cue

    Very little play on butt, new shaft Cue weight 20oz (can be changed) $750 (I pay shipping)
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    1 shaft was made from original cue 1 shaft made by jack madden Never been played with Cue weight 19 oz $1200 Price does not include shipping you can pick shipping and ins...
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    Rodger Peddit cue for sale

    1 Rodger shaft 2 predator 2nd generation $650 cue with rodger shaft $100 extra per predator shaft if wanted or ill keep them Cue weight 18.5 Price does not include shipping you can pick shipping and ins..
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    need a cue maker

    looking for a cue maker that takes orders. Can do fullsplice and will built it before I die..