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  1. peteypooldude

    ISO Large Bore Headstock for Mid American

    Anyone have one they no longer use?
  2. peteypooldude

    5/16 x18 shaft

    Anyone have a deal on a playing shaft. Going on a Richard Black
  3. peteypooldude

    Joint opinions

    What’s the difference in feel and response when playing with joints made from .. SS G 10 Fill in the blank Fill in the blank
  4. peteypooldude

    David Tickle

    Anyone know anything about his cues?
  5. peteypooldude

    David Tickle

    Any have any feedback on his cues?
  6. peteypooldude

    Hope everyone has been doing well

    I just wanted to stop in and say hello to some old friends and foes. Hope everyone is staying safe and doing well
  7. peteypooldude

    Thank You Daz

    After entering a contest last week on FB that Darren was having, I just received a signed poster and a signed Perfect Practice DVD Thank you again DAZ.... Your jam up <~~~~ even bigger Appletoon fan
  8. peteypooldude

    RIP Mike Slaughter

    Mike was my next door neighbor and best friend . He was a great player, father and family man. He was a hard working man and he loved everything pool RIP my friend. This is truly a great loss
  9. peteypooldude

    Scott Frost

    A while back I posted a thread about a fellow pool player and friend Mike Slaughter. He was diagnosed with throat cancer and had to go through 7 weeks of chemo and radiation. I wanted to take a minute to give thanks to Scott Frost among others who stepped up to help Mike during this very tough...
  10. peteypooldude

    Jayson Shaw

    Anyone watching the Jayson Shaw tournament and know who is at the table playing?
  11. peteypooldude


    There's a guy named Spanky playing on the Sandcastle stream. Is this the Spank from the reality series Anerican Hustlers ?
  12. peteypooldude

    Cancer strikes again

    My best friend and neighbor Mike Slaughter has throat Cancer. He Is a GSBT winner and very strong player. They put a feeding tube in him Friday morning due to weight loss and he starts radiation and Chemotherapy next Monday . Mike works hard and has a 14 yr old daughter and wife who he is the...
  13. peteypooldude

    Custom cue question

    I'm thinking about having a sneaky made and I'm curious if I'd be cheaper to order it without points as I'm looking for performance rather than appearance. I want a solid hit with a long taper and about a 12.75 shaft. The best hitting cue I've ever played with belonged to Scott Lewis and was a...
  14. peteypooldude

    Manny Pacquaio

    Manny is on the Today show if anyone is interested. Hope he mentions pool
  15. peteypooldude


    Where has Luxury been? I hope all is good with him .
  16. peteypooldude

    An early Merry Christmas

    I'm sure like me a lot of you will be traveling over the holidays. I wanted to take time to wish all of you and your families a safe and happy holiday and Merry Christmas to all
  17. peteypooldude

    The Full Earl Strickland Story

    The Full Earl Strickland story is on YouTube Great story
  18. peteypooldude

    Happy Birthday ..... Me

    Getting older and I hope wiser with age
  19. peteypooldude

    US Open Updates

    Could you please post updates in this thread. Thank you in advance. Any updates on Stevie Moores match?
  20. peteypooldude

    Rafael Martinez

    While watching the Chinook Winds Open 10 ball stream , I couldn't help but notice that Rafael chalks his cue with both hands. I don't know about you but I've never seen many people do this. Not only does he do it , he's incredibly smooth and coordinated while doing it. Just stuck out to me