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  1. Bishop

    Most Under Valued Cue Builder

    Wayne was as good as it gets. One of the most underrated guys out there. Had a good following overseas but deserved so much more recognition than he got.
  2. Bishop

    For sale section

    That happens every day. In almost all retail settings. Even worse there are tons of people that call contractors for bids with no intention of having any work done. They’re just bored. My favorite tire kickers are the ones out shopping because their big settlement is getting close. They’re...
  3. Bishop

    New method for installing inlays

    Cool video. Repeatability with precision would be a problem. Alignment etc. I think it would work great if you were doing a single design. Like a single logo on a butt sleeve or something to that effect. Otherwise it’s a step back for sure.
  4. Bishop

    AZ use to be mostly Pool n Cue Sports

    For the record one of the biggest problems was that the moment you disagree with any of the copy and paste kingpins there you’ll automatically be labeled a communist socialist liberal apologist nazi. I’ve never voted for a dem a day in my life but ask anyone of those spammers in there and...
  5. Bishop

    AZ use to be mostly Pool n Cue Sports

    Content? You mean antivax lunacy, racism, anti gay sentiment, outrageous conspiracy spam from alt sources and general intolerance. Some of you people have over 100k posts of nothing more than copy and paste hot garbage. It’s a hate platform. He tried to curb politics and most of you melted...
  6. Bishop

    keilwood for suckers

    Can an admin please move this post to the boomer forum. 😂
  7. Bishop

    keilwood for suckers

    Great point! True definition of adapt and overcome.
  8. Bishop

    keilwood for suckers

    Sound is very underrated here. It matters, the expectation of what you're about to hear, how it sounds when you hit it. I definitely think ears play a role in creating consistency.
  9. Bishop

    keilwood for suckers

    I can’t speak for shaft wood but roasted maple necks on guitars does provide a tonal difference. I switched my two main guitars over to roasted maple necks. Way more resonate, much more stable and stays in tune better… and generally just feels better as you move around the neck. How that...
  10. Bishop

    Az Members who build their own cues please post photo's of your new and old work!!!!

    3.4 oz shaft is pretty good. That weighed more than I thought it would.
  11. Bishop

    Az Members who build their own cues please post photo's of your new and old work!!!!

    This is fantastic. Big fan of roasted maple. Its my go-to for guitar necks. I'm very interested in builds with roasted maple. Any insight into the characteristics in how it plays? What did this end up weighing? How much did the shaft weigh? I wanted to make a few roasted curly shafts but...
  12. Bishop

    Burls / Flame / Quilted

    I’ll take number 4. Please check your PMs. I need payment info. Thanks.
  13. Bishop

    Cue Finish ...

    Great video. I’ll pick up a quart of that finish off Amazon and try it out. I refinish guitars too so we’ll see how it does on that as well. Thanks.
  14. Bishop

    Gus Szamboti 70's - Fancy and Rare

    Closeted for 30 years. That’s crazy. It would at least make it to the pillow next to me while I sleep if it were mine.
  15. Bishop


    I never understood the logic of “no coaching”. I don’t see how coaching would take away from the game anymore than it would any other sport. Golf would be a good comparison.
  16. Bishop

    Rick your cue is finished...

    Classy work once again
  17. Bishop

    Hmm ...

    Chess tactics can at times can boil down to memorization. That can apply to pool but striking a cue ball leaves that extra variable that leaves even the best player with an additional margin of error.
  18. Bishop

    Anyone Else Notice Seyberts Drastic Cue Price Increases?

    This is very true. Many businesses don’t want to give customers the impression that they’re nickel and diming people. So they eat that small increase of cost and chalk it up to good faith business. At some point you simply can’t keep doing that and the price correction comes.
  19. Bishop

    Roasted birdsye maple

    I’ll take these. I’ve bought from you before. Let me dig up our old email last time I ordered from you. I’d like to see what else you have. To anyone looking. My last order from him was top quality. They looked fantastic.
  20. Bishop

    Need 70’s era cue ID.

    Very cool older cue