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    WTT: My CANON 5D MK III + BG-E11 Battery Grip + CANON 24-70 F2.8 MK2

    I would like to trade my Canon Gears for a Southwest (ebony + BEM leather or wrapless) or any Mint condition Southwest cues. Also looking for a Tascarella, Ginacue, or Showman. Specs: Length: 58inches Weight: 19.2 to 19.5oz Shafts: 2 12.75mm to 13mm Wrap: Lizard or Elephant wrap...also...
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    I'm Back :)

    After 3 years away from the game I I'm back with my new cue McDaniel sneaky 4 points to start :) I miss this game :thumbup2::thumbup2::thumbup::thumbup:
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    WTB: Runde 6

    I am looking for this Runde 6. Pls pm me if you want to part this cue. I hope I can find this cue again. Thanks, Jun
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    The Magician :thumbup::D:grin::grin-square:
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    ***********f/s: Paul mottey hoppe style '08**********

    Hello Guys, I have decided finally that i have to let go my first every custom cue that I order from Paul. This cue is sitting in my case and I haven't use it for a while. I used to play with this cue it has only one small ding on the buttsleeve but not really's a great...
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    F/S: R12 player cue :)

    Hello Guys, Sad to say that i have to let go this cue....2 shafts 12.2mm (im not sure if it has yellow micarta :confused:).....other one is 13mm.....weight 19.5 oz or over...original wrap...some dings and scratches but won't affect your playability to run out the table :) .....i'm only asking...
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    My 2 Runde

    My R6 and R12 series....hope you like it guys :)
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    Hello Fellow Az, I am selling a Gilbert '02 player cues......i'm looking for around $875 shipped :) Please see pictures for details. Not sure what kind of woods but i know there's BEM points :) Specs: weight: 19.4 or 19.5 oz 2 shafts: 12.8mm and 12.75 mm not ivory ferrule wrap: Linen 4...
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    WTB: moori tips

    Looking for cheap Moori....S, M, and H :thumbup:
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    WTB- 314 pre-cat 5/16x14

    Hello guys..what the title ring just black collar ding or scratch...straight.....shoot me a pm would be nice if it has stitch maple ring that will match my R6 :)
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    F/S: Paul Mottey '08

    Hello Guys, I'm relisting my cue again F/'s in the raffle sections as well... however I think economy is slow so few are buying the spots. I am just asking $$$$$ shipped. Small ding on the butt but not through the wood...small scratches as well but not really noticeable... No trades...
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    Paul Mottey '08

    Drawing will be updated and announced here, check the link for the winning mega ball number: Please do not mention anything about a raffle, dont even post your numbers when making payment. Simply put your az name in the subject title and leave the message blank...
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    F/s: Falcon with 314 shaft I'll be at shooters every friday night and saturday as well..:thumbup:
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    F/s: Falcon with 314 shaft

    I just purchased this cue from one of our member here and he is a local here in toronto.....cues has some dings and scratches but im sure if you are a great shooter it won't change the playability of the hits like a TON comes witn 30" 314 shaft...with regular tips...
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    Wtb: Runde shaft with maple stich rings

    Hello Guys, Title says it all....i'm looking for the same specs on my pictures...looking around 12.5mm to 13mm...ivory or regular ferrules..please pm me :thumbup:
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    **********f/s: Lambros cue************

    I got this cue from VF it hits great and its truely a player cue. It came with one shaft only and the ring don't match it has a gold ring on the shaft and silver on the joint...I asked Mike Lambros from the show and he told me that the shaft is his. I'm just asking for $975 shipped in the US...
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    F/S: Elephant Ear wrap

    F/S Elephant ear wrap quality wrap..chocolate brown...$110 shipped :wink:
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    My new r-6

    I just got this cue from a friend....This will be my playing cue for a while as tribute to our friend Scott Soroko who passed away few months ago...we missed you man :( sorry for a crappy pix..ill take more pictures soon. More Pics:
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    Trade my Schon shaft 5/16X14 to a Z shaft unilock

    I have a mint schon shaft 13mm and willing to trade with a use but good condition Z SHAFT UNILOCK OR Z2 UNILOCK PREDATOR SHAFT :)
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    F/S: Paul Mottey '08

    Hello, I am thinking to sell my 1st ever custom Mottey cue...I got this cue last year of November 2008. It's in mint condition just a small tiny ding on the buttsleeve but not noticeable....19.5oz with lizard wrap...5 veneers (black, red, black, grey and white) on ebony points with ivory...