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    Ltb LD shaft

    Looking for a 5/16-14 piloted LD shaft. OB classic or tiger x ultra LD. Straight and standard length. Collar ring or no collar ring. Let me know. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Dayton for sale

    Had this cue for about a year or so, don't play much anymore. Forget most of the specs, but here is what i remember. 13mm tip Kamui clear medium tip cocobolo 4 point, all even black w/ brown linen wrap Dead straight between 18 and 18.5 oz 3/8-10 pin .840 at joint $325 obo. Paypal add 3%
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    Steve Klapp for sale/trade

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    SBE play

    Thinking about hitting the SBE up on Friday. Just wanted to see who was going to be there. I will have some stuff with me, possibly for sale, but up for a few games. email me at and maybe grab a table.
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    Tiger x pro w/ silver ring 5/16-14 wanted

    As title says. I want one. Send offers
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    Tiger x ultra ld 5/16-14 wanted

    Looking for a used tiger x ultra ld 5/16-14 with silver ring. Please let me know what's out there
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    Ob classic 5/16-14

    tiger x ultra ld 5/16-14 Thinking about getting one. Anyone got one used they are considering selling? I used to have one and thinking about going back. silver ring preferred Sent from my SCH-I605 using Tapatalk
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    wtb tiger x pro silver ring 5/16-14

    As title says. Whats out there
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    Nice Cue for Sale

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    wtt for a tiger x pro silver ring 5/16 -14

    I have a tiger x pro and ob clsssic pro, 3/8-10. Milk dud tip on the ob, everest on the tiger. Want to straight trade for a tiger x pro with a silver ring. Can email pics. Email me at for request rather than pm.
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    sneaky wanted

    Around 19 oz, standard length, 5/16-14 joint. Looking for a travel cue so low cost preferred. Dont really need a shaft if that brings price down. With or without wrap, doesnt matter.
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    thinking of a wrapped widow

    Anyone have a wrapped merry widow available? 5/16-14 piloted under 19.5 oz. Just Window shopping for now for a friend. Email pics to
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    tiger x pro 3/8-10 FS/FT

    I have a 3/8-10 tiger x pro for sale, $130 shipped, or will trade for an x pro 5/16-14 or OB Classic pro 5/16-14
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    Bar beater setup for sale (Package deal)

    OK folks, I want a Starkey cue (with the wood pin), BADLY!!!. So, here is my bar beater / league setup. I WILL ALSO CONSIDER TRADES FOR A STARKEY!! I am trying to describe the condition as accurate as possible, and even the slightest roll, and I am being very particular about it. I will refund...
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    WTB: OB Classic Pro 3/8-10

    Hello all, Anyone have an OB Classic Pro available for around $150 shipped? Must be straight, 3/8-10 pin, plain black collar. If it has a silver ring in the collar that is ok too, i guess. Please let me know all specs and price. If there is one with 5/16-14 pilot for that same price I will...
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    LTB: mezz hybrid pro II

    Thinking of trying out the Mezz hybrid pro shaft. Anyone got a used one I can try out? need it in 3/8-10. I shoot with a tiger x pro currently, so the tip diameter I am flexible on. Must be straight though.
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    Wtb tiger x pro 3/8-10

    Made up my mind Tiger x pro 3/8-10 wanted. Would like used but all possibilities entertained. Thanks
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    wtb tiger or ob shaft

    Looking for a tiger x pro or ob classic pro for a 3/8-10 pin. Plain black collar. Thanks
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    LTB: Tiger X ultra Pro or OB Classic/Pro 5/16-14

    Anyone have an OB Classic, OB Classic Pro or Tiger X Ultra Pro? needs to be straight, used, coloring doesn't matter, 5/16-14 piloted. 1. For the OB Classic, doesn't have to be 12.75, can be smaller but no smaller than 12.30mm 2. The OB Classic and Tiger X Ultra Pro, must be 11.75mm, no...
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    Steve Klapp Merry Widow

    For sale at $350 shipped, is a 58" widow from Steve Klapp. The cue is a single piece of 140 year maple, with a groove cut in for the leather wrap, and the shaft is also the same 140 year old maple between 4.3 and 4.6 oz. The cue is between 18.5 and 19oz, and the tip is 13mm, with a prather hard...