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  1. pwd72s

    Tiger shafts

    You waited nearly 6 months to post this? LOL! For the latest info:
  2. pwd72s

    STRONG out by Alcano...................

    The breakout at roughly 6:30...:)
  3. pwd72s

    Installing 1/2 tip on a cue

    Just looking at it mechanically, cutting in half may result in the side being glued to the shaft being uneven, making the tip crooked..tilted.
  4. pwd72s

    Pool’s unique – its pros come in *all* body types. Who were/are the tallest + shortest adult men pros, now or ever?

    Can't find it now, but used to have a pic of Wilt Chamberlin reaching for a pool shot. Let's just say I doubt he ever had to use a bridge. ;)
  5. pwd72s

    Pool’s unique – its pros come in *all* body types. Who were/are the tallest + shortest adult men pros, now or ever?

    Today's wild assed guesses would be Kaci for tallest, Alex the lion for shortest? (edit) excluding the women players, of course. There I haven't a clue.
  6. pwd72s

    20 year old review of The Hustler. Nice read by one of the best.

    Thanks for that...yes, it was a pool movie that wasn't about pool. A true classic.
  7. pwd72s

    Jim Murnak is making a new kind of cue case

    Where's the market? I'm thinking it's for those who want something special for a special cue, like a Bushka, Szam, etc.
  8. pwd72s

    What Is The Most Over Rated Cue?

    Bingo! There are cues for players, cues for collectors. The 2 categories intertwine to some extent, but it's still there.
  9. pwd72s

    Jim Baxter Shop NOT For Sale .

    For those who want to see the quality of "Jimbo Baxter" work, here's a pic of my JP's...he matched the wood and colors of my Josey perfectly.
  10. pwd72s

    Jim Baxter Shop NOT For Sale .

    I don't go to facebook, don't tweet. My only "social media" is enthusiast posting boards like this one. Even that is probably too much exposure for total comfort.
  11. pwd72s

    Jim Baxter Shop NOT For Sale .

    Especially on the anal exam of facebook...where those who post are the thing being marketed.
  12. pwd72s

    Jim Baxter Shop NOT For Sale .

    Blatant plug...I love my Jim Baxter JP's...I'm sure anybody would enjoy a set or 2 of Jimbo Baxter's JP's...;)
  13. pwd72s

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Don't stop Rick. He's on a roll...
  14. pwd72s

    Shoot outs SUCK!

    LOL! Now that would make for some long matches...
  15. pwd72s

    Pool stuff you bought🤮, tried or used, and said never again.🤮

    Yes, all those $pendy chalks...just stick with master, make chalking part of your pre shot routine. (Guess I should include a confession here. Yes, I suckered for some of them.)
  16. pwd72s

    Shoot outs SUCK!

    One could add boxing and MMA...maybe.
  17. pwd72s

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Dave!

    Happy Birthday...never too late for a happy birthday song.
  18. pwd72s

    Dr. Dave Schools Neil deGrasse Tyson in Billiards Physics

    Opposite viewpoint (from maha) here...enjoyed it very much. Dr. Dave showed his teaching skills well..and demonstrated patience. Would have been cool if a clip of Melling's amazing runout could have been shown. ;)
  19. pwd72s

    Ohio Open, US PRO SERIES

    I guess the real question is whether or not railbirds enjoy watching the format...for myself, I say not. But if you do enjoy it, by all means tune in.
  20. pwd72s

    Corey Winning the US Open - Premiering Now on YouTube

    1st time to see the match for me. Many thanks for posting the link.