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  1. Skess

    Anyone know if

    Tom and Jim Haskins (The Cue Masters) in Calliham, Tx are still making cues? I had a nice custom made around 10 years ago and wanted to get a couple things done with it. None of the numbers I have for them work. Thanks Scott
  2. Skess

    Tiger Planet Pool tour

    Does this tour still exist in any format by any other name? I used to travel for these events when Nick was running it. Always well done and some tough competition.
  3. Skess

    Any guesses on this table?

    I got these pics from a friend. Other than knowing it's an 8' table, I'm clueless. She asked me to help her get rid of it. Any ideas?
  4. Skess

    Madden Purpleheart for sale

    This is a cue I had made in 2008. This cue has only been test hit. Maybe 2 or 3 racks total. the specs: butt - 15.75 oz (2) fiddleback maple shafts - both weigh 3.38 oz Cue is purpleheart w/ black leather wrap, silver rings and JP's are included. The joint is 3/8 x 10 wood to wood. This...
  5. Skess

    Scruggs Sneaky for sale

    This cue is a a player. I bought it a few years ago, but never really used it like I thought I would. It's been stored most of the time I've had it. I have a different player that I prefer. This cue has a solid hit and is in real nice shape. Feel free to ask any questions. The specs: butt...
  6. Skess


    cue pic test
  7. Skess

    OB-1 shafts

    A friend of mine is looking for an OB-1 shaft. The thread is a Meucci (5/16 x 18 I believe). He would like the black collar and a pro-taper. I'm not well informed on these shafts, so if what I'm asking for isn't possible, I apologize. If you have something available, let me know along with a...
  8. Skess

    PPV matches?

    Any word on who is playing today? The list hasn't been updated today. I don't want to complain, but people will be more likely to pay/watch these matches if they know who they're getting.
  9. Skess

    Forumghost516 is live streaming now!

    Charlie is playing Thorsten on the accu-stat live stream in a couple minutes. Good luck Charlie!
  10. Skess

    racking template

    I've been watching the China Open matches and they use a template of some kind to rack. How does this thing work? Are there indents that the balls rest in? Do any American tournaments use this type of system?
  11. Skess

    9' Diamond tables

    Does anyone know offhand what the standard pocket sizes are out of the factory? And do they tighten them up at all for the pro events like Valley Forge?
  12. Skess

    AAAAGGHHH!!! I love/hate this game!

    I'm constantly amazed at this game's ability to cause equal amounts of joy and frustration. I don't play much in the summer, so I'm just starting to gear up for the fall season. Two nights ago, I really started to feel like I was getting the stroke back. I put up a few 30's and a couple 40's...
  13. Skess

    2011 14.1 Challenge at SBE

    Charlie, I've read some of the things you're looking into for next year. More tables, posting the scores and a location away from main traffic flow. We talked a bit at SBE about separating the pros from the rest of us hacks. Have you given that a thought as to how that will work? I had...
  14. Skess

    9 ball banks - rules

    Watching MOJOE's videos of his match with Efren, I realized I really don't know what all is going on. First to 5 balls? You can shoot any ball? Can you hit a rail(kick) first? Is defense allowed? Behind the line after a scratch? Saw balls being spotted a lot. When does that happen? Any other...
  15. Skess

    Gambling term

    What does it mean to "lock up" or "freeze" a certain amount of money. I see this done when the bet is a per game or a multiple set situation. And why would you want to do this? What are the pros/cons?
  16. Skess

    Is WPBA website down?

    Or is it just me?
  17. Skess

    Rules question

    The cueball is frozen to an object ball. Is it a legal hit to roll the cueball through the object ball to the rail? The object ball would barely move at all. Or do I have to bring a 3rd ball into the equation? I couldn't find a clear explanation for this in the rules I have.
  18. Skess

    Made this shot!

    This is why I enjoy 14.1 so much. Finding and executing these kind of shots are fun. My cueball rolled back under the rack after the 13 fell and got me on the 15 in the side. I rolled out enough to get on the 11 and extended the run through the next rack. I know this was a bit of hit and...
  19. Skess

    Thanks for the knowledge!

    Once again, I learned something on this site that I could take to the table. I had not seen this shot before. On Saturday, I had the chance to hit balls for couple hours (rare for me) and I was playing pretty decent. I had a couple low 30's and 3 or 4 high 20's, but couldn't extend my runs any...
  20. Skess

    Magazines available...

    I know this probably belongs in the For Sale area, but not everybody checks in over there. I have a small selection of pool magazines that I want to get rid of. I just don't have the room to store them. All I ask for them is that you pay shipping. I'll get an approximate weight on them...