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  1. peter_gunn

    Daimanos Gialourakis vs Nick Ekonomopoulos

    Diamanos plays 6 on the side and won the game. I ask azb ppl just for fun,,, can he pot 6 ball on the corner with the follow and runout? I will later post how that shot can be done even with closer balls without double hit :thumbup: OK ready to be torched here :eek:
  2. peter_gunn

    Negative itrader

    I was wondering is any option available to remove bad itrader given by alavo to good AZer milji??? Anyone who doesn't read the story ---> milji was 100 % itrader until this POS give him negative :angry::angry: Alavnvo is banned, that's...
  3. peter_gunn

    Pinegar - Boyes match

    What happened? :eek: This is fb status from Karl Boyes: Won semi final match against an idiot ! Does our game an injustice. Anyhow wasted enough time on him. The final is at 8-30pm :) :confused:
  4. peter_gunn

    my dream cue :)

  5. peter_gunn


    Ustream#dashboard#find show to watch no longer exist?? :angry: :banghead:
  6. peter_gunn

    multi cue spinner tnx to snipershot :)

    ^^^^ as title says :) ps. I'm non-smoker :eek:
  7. peter_gunn


    Local cuemaker in Croatia and i try to build cue for me :rolleyes: I have q for you people: Rings are made from juma, and i will put this ringwork with sandblasting: We will use polyurethane varnish, so please recommend some black paint (or something) for filling :thumbup:
  8. peter_gunn

    Joint material

    What would u guys recommend? I have few choices : 1. ivorine 2. juma 3. cue ball I like loud nice crisp sound of the cue. Except tip and ferrule material what joint material would be best choice?
  9. peter_gunn


    I'm interested to buy 10-12 used Diamond pro am tables with diamond lights. Any advice? Mr RKC? :)
  10. peter_gunn

    Ariel Carmeli

    Does someone have mail address or other info of Ariel Carmeli? I found only phone number on his web page :eek:
  11. peter_gunn

    Ball polishing

    Whether ball polisher reduces ball diameter after frequent (daily) usage?
  12. peter_gunn

    To Administrators

    Eset smart security blocked access to AZ forum page. AZ is on the black list :eek:
  13. peter_gunn

    AZ klon?

    What is the purpose to have 2 AZ billiards links?? First is Second :withstupid:
  14. peter_gunn


    How table cloth condition affect the deflection ?
  15. peter_gunn


    10 tables in pool room in my country have very small shelf, under 2 cm. I want to increase shelf for about 1,5 cm. Some advice? What is the best material to fill the gap? Stone glue maybe? Or car putty maybe? Thanks in advance :)
  16. peter_gunn

    Help me id this Adam cue

    Hi I hope somebody can help me to get some more information about ths cue. It's about 10 years old and comes with two shafts.. I would like to know is it Musashi model and aprox price Thank you
  17. peter_gunn

    schon id

    help me id this schon. i beleive it was made '86 thans in advance...
  18. peter_gunn

    Rotation rules

    Please help :) I found different clarification: 1. 2. Which are the most popular rules? What about push-out? Jump shot etc? Thanks in advance :thumbup2:
  19. peter_gunn

    No luck in call shot games?

    Check this out : :thumbup:
  20. peter_gunn

    14/1 break :))

    Check diz out :thumbup: