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    Willie Munson

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I hear Willie's not doing very well. :sorry:There's a benefit 9 ball tournament for him. Contact Romine's High Pockets for details. 414-281-2212 for details. I just shoot there. I'll find out more this week and keep you posted.
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    Schon Cues

    So I got another request for my 1986 Schon Cue. Anybody know kevincarlberg? I don't know exactly how to handle this. The problem is I don't have Pay Pal. Then the fact it, the cue has a lot of white stuff. I'd prefer to a cash transaction but he's someone I don't know and I'm reluctant because...
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    Need a good Mechanic

    Need a good Mechanic in south east Wisconsin. I thin it's a 9' Brunswick. Old style with ash trays built in. Plastic sides are cracking and in need of new cloth. It's for a friend but I can get more information if needed. The only two known Mechanic's here are butchers with all due respect.
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    What happened to?

    Never mind. Had a old hinders moment.
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    Any budy know who made this??

    Hello all, I was looking to see if anyone might have an idea about this cue? I picked the cue up in a trade but I don't know to much about the company Castle Custom Cues. The only thing I know is that the builder used to build one of a kind custom built cues. This cue is loaded with silver...
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    Why didn't Mickey

    Why didn't Mickey make love to Minnie mouse? Don't spoil it if you know. I'll be back tomorrow.
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    Need help for a beginner.

    I have a friend who has a new lady friend. He's trying to introduce her to pool. The first problem is teaching her how to set up her bridge hand. I haven't seen it but as it was described it's awful. What I really need is a video showing the basic bridges, open and closed. I don't think you...
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    I have to ask.

    Is it a foul to shoot a ball other than the cue ball? Other balls may even go into the pocket and/or hit another ball, but nothing has hit or touched the cue ball? It didn't happen to me BTW. I say it's Unsportsmanlike Conduct and or lose of game. Tournament or leagues, forfeit. Can't find it...
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    Terry Romine Sr.

    Double Post.
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    So I know right and left english but I'm confused with the term inside and outside english is used. Can someone explain. Thanks in advance.
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    Someone asked, "I have noticed that there are two types of billiard table cushions. Some are regular cushions and others are called floating cushions. What is the difference and which is better on a 9ft. table?" in a different forum. I said I'd try and find out. Thanks in advance.
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    Howard F Hoppe

    I think I met the man. He was born in 1911 and died in 2004. When I met him he was already old. Piercing blue eyes. Playing in bar leagues, mid 70's I would see him maybe once a month. Anyway whenever anyone would make a shot that would rock the house he would mumble, " anyone could make that...
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    BEF – Billiard Education Foundation Junior Nationals Heading to Wisconsin

    Sorry if this has been posted. Top young pool players from around the U.S. are preparing for the annual BEF – Billiard Education Foundation Junior National Championships, set for July 11-15. This year’s National Championships will be held at the famed pool room Romine’s High Pockets near in...
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    I need to Vent.

    To the point. Am I a A$$ Hole for expecting my opponent to keep quiet and take the chair? Fenwick.
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    One Last Try, Concentration.

    Since 2007 I've been trying to reach the level of pool I achieved in my youth. I was pretty good at running a rack or three at age 13. Being self taught I really had no idea exactly where whitey was going. I was just a shot maker with young eyes. Then I moved away from pool for many other...
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    Romine's High Pockets, The Polish Prince

    George, (The Polish Prince), Powalski needs some prayers. He's under the weather with some serious health issues right now and needs your support. George is one of Wisconsin's all time best player bar none. He been mostly teaching for a long time but can still walk in and run 90 plus balls...
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    Old shaft?

    I own a older Viking cue, (1975, 76 vintage). It's value at best is roughly $100 but it's straight and has a solid hit and feel. I don't think I could find a cue that cheap that hits as well. Back when I bought the cue I ordered a 13.75 mm and a 14 mm shaft. It was the fashion back in the early...
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    Viking Cues

    For the last 3 or 4 days I've been hearing Viking Cues here in Wisconsin is shutting down their operations. At this point hearsay but it's coming from some very reliable sources. Can anyone shed some light on these rumors?
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    Another what's the rule question.

    Playing a game yesterday I was on my second foul after scratching. My opponent has ball in hand in the kitchen. Knowing I'm on 2 he nudges the ball but it never left the kitchen; never passes the line. I've never had this happen before so we just called it a foul. In a match or tournament...
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    Allen Hopkins 9 ball?

    I thought there was going to be a Allen Hopkins 9 ball tournament in Wisconsin this February? Heard it was canceled. Anyone know the details? My mistake. 10 ball not 9 ball. Thanks for the replies.