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    :) ... sorry couldn't resist
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    how do you get chalk stains out of ivorine 3?

    How do you get chalk stains out of ivorine 3? Is it possible without turning down the shaft?
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    Sullivan and son

    Funny New show on tbs.. there is a pool table in the background...3 full episodes people playing the whole show... never once did any player strike the CUE BALL!!!!!! It's driving me crazy...I don't expect them to discuss how to handicap a one pocket match .. but STRIKE THE CUE BALL...
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    Rules Question

    VNEA/BCA/WPA 8 ball... CB fouls only.. foul on the 8 is BIH... NOT loss of game legal shot at the 8 ball ....8 ball and cue ball are both heading to pockets.. CB drops shooter bumps 8 ball away from pocket with his cue.. if both the 8 and the CB fall= loss of game ANY other foul resulting...
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    so let me get this straight

    American Pro's are demanding seeding in major tournaments. to increase paydays for top pro's while snooker is eliminating seeding and the pro's are in favor of it.. discuss....
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    Pool Ball rings you gotta see this

    I gotta get me one
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    is there anyway to patch this?

    I chipped the finish of my cue and now I have bare wood exposed is there an easy way to patch this myself? or does the whole cue need to be refinished?
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    HBO Boardwalk Empire

    scene in episode 10 or 11 at a pool table... the actor is using an obvious stainless steel joint 2 piece cue I thought that the 2 piece cue and the SS joint were both 1940/50's inventions attributed to Balabushka and Rambow.. is the series correct?? they are known for getting their facts...
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    can any of you make one of these?

    I know I know not really pool.. but for wood workers.. you'll find this pretty impressive:grin:
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    Wrap Question

    I have Irish Linen and all summer long I have put a LARGE number of hours on my table.. in dry air conditioned comfort... the past few days we've opened the house up.. and it has been very WET... well my nice smooth linen has turned into gummy crap that leaves almost like a film on my hands...
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    League bashing

    I have been posting on this site for 3 years.. and lurked for a year before joining.. I have seen tons of threads come and go.. I have never seen a BCA league bashing thread I have never seen a VNEA league bashing thread I have never seen a TAP league bashing thread but there is an APA...
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    A little advice please

    I am nearing the end of my 4th year of daily practice.. the first 2 years I tried to teach myself the game and made some good progress at the end of the second year I took some lessons and my practice became much more focused and effective.. until recently I'd put in a minimum of 2 hours a day...
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    Custom Cue owners publicly made fun of

    anyone seen the new Acura commercials?
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    Custom Low Deflection Secret Aiming System of the Pros

    the secret was told to me by all the top Filipino players.. the secret is to harness Totally Ingrained Mental Energy or T.I.M.E for short one method of mastering it is shown here
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    Advanced CB and alignment workout

    I posted this in another thread but I decided to post it separately as a complete workout.. lots of people post drills this is a collection of drills some taken from elsewhere others designed by me.. this is an extremely effective workout.. but only if you have good mechanics..if you don't...
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    Rules question

    Playing 8-ball you are allowed to call a ball and call safe on the same shot sinking your ball and giving up the table.. what if the table is open? Opp breaks dry.. I call 7 in the side... safe... I execute a legal shot sink the 7 and put the CB right where I wanted it.. MY ruling... I have...
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    how do I convert my table?

    what is a quick and dirty way ... to turn a bar box into drop pockets.. without changing the table permanently?? I have an old bar box that plays OK... but it is old... my guess would be early 70's it's a big ball box..made by International Billiards..out of New Jersey my only issue with...
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    Did I get a good deal?

    I stumbled into a going out of business sale at a place that sells spa's pool tables ect.. after a bit of wheeling and dealing I was able to take home a set of super aramith pro-cup balls.. in the set with the ball cleaner and the Rempe training ball. for $200 even.. is that a good deal or...
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    How often do you need extreme shots?

    The elbow drop thread stirred this idea in me… how often are those monster stroke shots really necessary ?? You know the ones I mean… power drawing full table from a full table away…. So much follow that you hit the same rail twice or more…. twisting the CB to it’s maximum extremes.. On the...