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    So Mezz has a new joint pin

    I was under the impression that both the Uni-Loc and Radial pins were proprietary when they were released. But they were marketed not as a Predator brand at that time, and were not kept as exclusive, but offered out so other cuemakers could use them also. But as always, I stand to be corrected.
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    Viking Cue Customer Service and Warranty

    I wanted to buy a Viking product. But wanted some extra info first. I asked them 4 times via email, never got a reply.
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    Diamond Open - Aiken, SC

    when does the stream start?
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    Predator Pool Table

    All I can say is if you contact the boss at Sam Leisure in Coventry, UK. His company will sell you one of the WC tables for £6000 + vat and arrange delivery and installation as you cannot collect the table direct from Milton Keynes. Most of the tables are being disassembled Wednesday night/...
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    Predator Pool Table

    You should contact Sam Leisure in Coventry, UK
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    Predator Pool Table

    There are 20 tables being used for the World Championship. Some of the tables have already been pre sold. The last time I checked there were 10 still available for UK buyers at a price of £7200 each
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    Dynashperes Titanium and Rhodium Sets

    I have dynashere palladium and chromium
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    WORLD POOL CHAMPIONSHIP (6-10 June2021) Champion $50K

    I have tickets for the final day.
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    Predator Pool Table

    It will be a standard Sam bottom with a sightly redesigned top
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    Predator Pool Table

    I would guess it was more than one person. And i'm guessing consideration was given to "how do we make it sufficiently different to what Sam are currently making" and "in how many different places can we get the Predator logo on it" :)
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    Predator Pool Table

    Sam are a Spanish company I believe
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    Predator Pool Table

    It's only a guess, but I doubt it's being made by Rasson as the news release says the table will have Brazilian slate. But I have been wrong many times before.
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    Predator Pool Table

    Here's a link to the announcement
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    Predator Pool Table

    Has anyone seen the new Predator Pool Table?
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    NIels Feijen YT Channel

    It's a Longoni Luna Nero shaft
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    World Cup Of Pool (9-14 May2021) $250K Prizemoney

    Mark Gray & Imran Majid would of been a more deserving option
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    Is anyone still using Ultra skin tips ?

    UltraSkins........Great Tips, Great Price, Great Customer Service from Tom Hay. I would recommend them to anyone.
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    Amazing Match Ko Pin Yi vs Fong Pang Chao

    I think the balls they were using are the Dynaspheres Palladium Set
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    Amazing Match Ko Pin Yi vs Fong Pang Chao

    A good match, but I really hate pattern racking!!!