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    FS: as new TS

    no one wants it I guess, so it's back in the case ... .. .
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    testing pic...
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    FS: cocobolo plain jane custom- as new

    Jim Lee custom cue - cue is new and has been in storage since Oct. last yr cocobolo plain jane black leather wrap black collars white phenolic butt cap/joint with black collars 3/8-10 ff joint butt: 16.4 oz -- total 20 1/2 oz shaft: 13.1mm @ 4.2oz juma ferrule unknown light brown layered tip...
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    FS: Chad Carter custom 4pt

    Chad Carter custom cue 4pt ebony into dark cocobolo nose orange/blue/orange thin veneers black pigskin leather wrap ebony butt sleeve radial pin black collars butt is 16 oz and it does have a 1 oz weight bolt. 19.5oz total with either shaft balance point is 19" shaft #1: 13.1mm @ 3.6 oz -...
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    FS: old Mali - wrapless BEM

    old gold logo Mali - circa mid 80's if I remember right wrapless dark grey stained BEM 3/8-10 ff joint butt cap is shifted a little but is not loose in average condition, not mint, not abused, just a good ol' used cue. cue is pretty straight, shaft has very minimal runout. 17.9 oz butt 3.9 oz...
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    FS: D series McDermott

    Vintage D1 McDermott - D Series butt is pretty mint and straight - 14.7 oz. blue stained BEM - nylon lt blue/dk blue wrap 2 shafts: 12.2 mm shaft wobbles 1/8" and is 1/4" shorter (ferrule is 3/4") 13.3 mm shaft wobbles 1/8"-3/16" + the has the infamous loose ferrule. Excellent to use this D1...
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    FS: south west

    for sale: south west cue '08 6pt tulipwood into dark rosewood one natural veneer on points and between sleeves on butt cap ~ has AB rings ~ Cue has been well taken care of and is in very good condition/near mint with a few rubs here and there - near mint. weight: 19.75 ONLY 1 shaft: 12.85mm...
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    Blowout price - Mike Stacey 1/1 - fullsplice brazilian rosewood w veneers

    NOS 70's palmer blank conversion by Mike Stacey 1999 1/1 - near mint - signed 1/1 1999 and by prather (blank was acquired thru them) brazilian rosewood full splice into straight grain maple with 4 veneers natural/bluegreen/orange/black (inside to out) from a NOS 70's palmer blank. 5/16-14...
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    ==> WTB: 5/16-14 silver ring shafts

    I am looking for 2 to 3 high quality used/NOS/like new: These shafts are for an older gentleman, that is a friend of mine, who is computer challenged (doesn't own one or know how to operate one) and his shafts have been penciled at the ferrule and are reverse tapered because of years of sanding...
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    fleabay cue ID help

    Hello all... Trying to figure out what this cue is... les blevins maybe? - the bumper looks larger than SW... thoughts anyone?
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    FS:=> vintage shaft - McDaniel silver ring

    vintage McDaniel silver ring 5/16-14 piloted shaft - $175- STILL AVAILABLE 13.2mm shaft @ 4.1oz - 28.5" - LBM with triangle tip very straight - almost zero runout/taper wiggle - this is a very nice vintage shaft. ring looks to be .015" - .020" to me...
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    FS: Jim Lee, Morris, 'Madison Bob' Griffin, brunswick conversion, Stacey 1/1

    Here are some cues up for sale - don't like the price, make a reasonable offer.... 1 - Jim Lee - brand new - $400 cocobolo merry widow w leather wrap - 3/8-10 FF phenolic joint - juma ferrule - layered tip joint .858" -- balance point 19.5" from butt butt 16.3 oz - no weight bolt shaft 4.3 oz @...
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    acme pics

    pic test....................
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    FS: brunswick wedge custom conversion by Phillippi

    Blowout price--> brunswick conversion by Phillippi ebony wedge brunswick custom conversion by Phillippi - $650 specs: total 19 oz butt 15.8 oz - 1.20" shaft 12.5mm @ 3.2 oz - ivory ferrule w/ triangle tip joint .837" 3/8-10 pin w/ full ivory joint, ferrule and hoppe ring and it...
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    {==> FS: Bluegrass Sneaky Pete <==}

    Bluegrass Sneaky Pete by Richard Harris $800 shipped/paypal <- no trades except for TS or ebony titlist blank -> Cue is straight together, shaft is straight - butt has the sometimes common roll to it like a SW. This is an older one circa early 90's - ultra nice blank here folks! Check out the...
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    [=> FS: bluegrass <=]

    Bluegrass by Richard Harris TRADED 2006 6pt BEM into BEM with 2 veneers - red/crimson red(which has a purpleheart tinge to it in the pics) full set of Richard's custom jps 2 full shafts with Micarta ferrules black/white spec linen wrap Butt – 15.2 oz Sh1 – 13.1mm @ 3.8 oz Sh2 – 13.1mm @ 3.8...
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    FS: 'TS' Titlist

    FS: cue pulled and put back in the case.....
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    test pics--------------------
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    --> FS: 8 custom and production shafts

    Several custom and production shafts up for sale and all prices include basic shipping/paypal fees. Of course, my scale batteries are dead, again, so I can get the weights if needed by after I get some batteries... thanks for looking...left to right or top to bottom in pics 1 - Keith Hansen...