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  1. Poolhall60561

    International Open 2021 One Pocket Final on now

    Gomez -Chohan Billy and JJ in the booth
  2. Poolhall60561

    Dug out the VHS

    I bought this VHS / DVD player 10 years ago when I heard that they were going to stop production of VHS players. I dug it out of storage today. I have hundreds of Pool VHS tapes that I’m looking forward to seeing. It works great, much to the dismay of my wife. Those VHS tapes take up a lot of...
  3. Poolhall60561

    Birthday Cake

    I was impressed with how the cake maker got the color of the pool balls just right on my Birthday cake. The sticks and the ball were edible.
  4. Poolhall60561

    Popeyes on the 8.

    I think he’s going to make it.
  5. Poolhall60561

    “How Sweet It Is”

    When I found this CD, “Intimate Music for Lovers”, in my father-in-law’s collection, I thought it was a joke. It turns out Jackie Gleason sold millions of albums of his “mood music” in the 50’s and 60’s. Gleason was a class act.
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    Merry Christmas - What did Santa get you ?

    I got a new set of balls. An upgrade from my Super Pros to Tournament
  7. Poolhall60561

    Breakdancing Olympic sport 2024

    I know there was an effort to get some form of billiards in the olympics, never got there. Not sure how breakdancing did it. On TV I can see cornhole and bowling but no pool. For pool, no respect
  8. Poolhall60561

    2020 International Open Postponed

    I received an e-mail this morning from Accu-Stats announcing that the 2020 International Open is postponed
  9. Poolhall60561

    Here we go

    Bars and pool halls opening up thus weekend in the Chicago suburbs. Leagues starting next week. I’m going, I have my fingers crossed.
  10. Poolhall60561

    Strawberry Brooks Smokin

    This showed up after I watched the Ervolino Strickland match. It cracked me up. Sunglasses and a smoke. I remember those days...
  11. Poolhall60561

    Chicago Sportscaster’s Home Table

    Dan Roan broadcasting from home shows his red cloth pool table. I think that must be his good stick in the table.
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    50% off Accu-Stats Vimeo

    Get one month, including 2020 DDC, for $6.45 If your locked in the house, this may save you Thanks Pat
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    Are the bars closing next ?

    Starting last night many large sporting and entertainment events are all being postponed or canceled. Last night a few of the league players were questioning the safety of meeting in bars to play the matches. The bar can easily have 200 players at any one time all touching, close talking...
  14. Poolhall60561

    Heyday Brunswick Bowling

    I saw this poster in an antique shop,$45 Brunswick put on a nice event. Setting up the pool tables must be a lot easier than bowling lanes.
  15. Poolhall60561

    Revo with White Ferrule

    Saw this add in the March issue of Billiard Digest, did someone slip in a BeCue or Cutec shaft or is my Revo now obsolete?
  16. Poolhall60561

    Jim Willard’s Tournament

    I found this article stuffed in an old pool book. I was lucky to be able to be at this tournament. Thanks Jim for bringing pro pool to Chicago. Who is that Strickwell guy ?
  17. Poolhall60561

    Derby City Live Stream

    Will Accu-Stats live stream Derby this year ?
  18. Poolhall60561

    New Years Resolution

    My New Years resolution for 2020 will be to; Slow down, focus and stay down. I plan on more regular practice improving my game at least 1 level.
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    Great cover on Billiards Digest this month

    The future of pool looks bright with all this young talent.
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    Tables Played Slow Last Night

    It was hot and humid last night and some of the players blamed the humidity for the tables playing slow. The room is air condition but you could feel the humidity. Can humidity slow down the table ?