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    What's In The Case: Runde, Lambros, Mezz, Predator, Sowder....

    Back in the day, I loved watching the "What's in the case" videos with Sam Diep. Seeing all the cues/little trinkets professionals carried was incredibly entertaining and opened my eyes to the world of pool equipment. Here is a video of "what's in my case" for everyone to enjoy. I would also...
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    Kamui Roku vs Taom Pyro vs Great White...

    You notice any difference between preflag and the newer master? I've heard mixed things.
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    Kamui Roku vs Taom Pyro vs Great White...

    Wow great idea!
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    Kamui Roku vs Taom Pyro vs Great White...

    Thanks for the compliments. The Roku performed very well and I was impressed with it.
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    Kamui Roku vs Taom Pyro vs Great White...

    The Kamui Roku doesn't have a magnet on the bottom. They do have magnetic chalk attachments you could buy that are really high quality. The magnets on them a STRONG.
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    Kamui Roku vs Taom Pyro vs Great White...

    Since my last chalk video, I received a TON of comments and messages to test various chalks such as the Kamui Roku, Taom Pyro, Great White and more. I've compiled and tested the Top 9 most requested chalks into one video for everyone. I hope you all enjoy the video. Which chalk is your current...
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    Interesting And Weirdly Symmetric 10-Ball Break By Corey Deuel

    This break seems very effective. I've noticed a lot of pros using a similar break at higher speeds.
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    Kielwood shaft the way to go?

    Here's a review of the Hsunami shaft by Richard Hsu (RJH Custom Cues). Has anyone tried the Hsunami shaft or Kielwood shafts? What do you think?
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    Mike Lambros newest LD shaft?

    Mike Lambros has developed a new low deflection shaft. Using 3 full tips of English, the shaft seems to have incredibly low deflection. Video link for everyone:
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    Jacoby BLACK good?

    Video review on the Jacoby Black shaft for those who are interested. What has been your go to shaft?
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    CHALK TEST - Masters vs Exceed vs Predator vs Russian Magic vs Mezz Smart

    Hello everyone, I posted a video of some chalk testing I did. Here is the YouTube Link: Time stamps for those who want to skip around: Introduction - 0:00 Masters Chalk Test - 0:36 Predator Chalk Test - 1:09 Russian Magic Chalk Test - 1:36 Mezz...
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    ~~Custom Made Shaft Sleeves~~

    Custom Made Cue Sleeves -Fits 29” & 30” Butts/Shafts -Prevents chalk getting into your case -Extra layer of protection for your cues -Great for JB cases -Different colors and patterns available for custom orders (pm for pricing) -Jump handle and extensions sleeves available to order -Custom made...
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    Mezz Ignite In-depth Review // Deflection & Sound Test

    Hello everyone, There aren't many video reviews on the Mezz Ignite. Here is an in-depth review of the Ignite for those who are interested:
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    Any reviews out for the OB pheonix shafts?

    Not many reviews out there, would like to hear everyone's opinions.
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    Opinion on kielwood shafts?

    What's y'll opinion on kielwood shafts? Fire away....
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    Amarith Black....

    What do guys think about the Amarith Black edition set? Was featured in the 2019 Mosconi cup and was the source of some controversy over the new colors. Fire away.
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    11.8 Pechauer Rogue...

    Review was made about the Pechauer Rogue 11.8. What do you guys think of this shaft? Fire away...
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    light vs heavy break cue....

    Video of a 24oz break cue... I'm sure this has been discussed but...light or heavy break cue? Maybe somewhere in between? Which do you prefer and why? Fire away...
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    Unique Custom Break Cue

    Very uniquely deigned break cue, fire away....