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    OB Cues

    . Got my popcorn ready to see what happens with OB Cues. Just got a package from them with a few replacement shafts and two are good and one is not. Check you stuff before sending out! Going to be interesting with a new President steering the ship. . .
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    New OB 160----$450

    New OB 160 $450 shipped. Cocobola four point cue with Classic Plus shaft. Rolls fine apart but when together rolls like a turtle. Quality sucks.
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    New OB 131 at a disounted price

    New OB 131 at a discounted price. Same seller also has a new OB 160 for the same price that has a wobble when together. Quality seems to be a problem....:angry:
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    Jim Rempe Meucci and 3X5 Case

    Through this site I can do $250 for this old Jim Rempe Meucci. New 3X5 J&J case---------->
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    New Meucci No Reserve....

    :thumbup: New Meucci with no reserve.... .
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    13mm Joss Shaft, NEW

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    New Joss Purple Heart Sneaky

    New, straight 19.5 ounce Joss with a 13mm shaft. $185 shipping included. Sorry...I don't trade cues.
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    Muecci on Ebay.....

    New cues on Ebay....good price!:D .
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    Meucci with Extra Shaft

    . Go through AZ and it's $230.
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    Good Meucci Original coming out of the closet.... :love:
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    Meucci Originals OL-3 ********SOLD********
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    Good deals on Meucci Cues....

    . *****************sold*********************
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    BMC Meucci

    Nice to see nice Meucci cues being built again. Best offer? Hmmm......:rolleyes:
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    Joss Cue

    Joss Purple Heart sneaky pete with an OB-1 shaft. Around 19-19.5 ounce all new for $260 shipped.
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    Meucci Cue

    18 ounce Meucci cue. I think I have extra weights here if you need it heavier. New condition with a 12.5 MM tip on this red dot shaft. Only $250 on this new cue.
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    I don't think it was ever used. One original shaft and one custom made shaft. Rolls good. ****SOLD****
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    Butt only, McDermott for sale....

    New McDermott butt only.....$100 shipping is on me. 3/8-10 thread.
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    McDermott Stinger Break Cue with G-Core Shaft....

    McDermott Break cue with two shafts. You get a Stinger break shaft and a G-Cor playing shaft plus the all black McDermott jump handle. $215 includes shipping and paypay fees.
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    Nice Predator Cue

    Nice Predator cue with funny description....:thumbup: SOLD....
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    George Pool Cue Case and Meucci Originals...