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    Carbon vs Wood Jumper

    I've tried and owned several jumpers, including the Mezz Air Drive ll. For me, the Air Hog 2 works the best. The new OB offering gets up quick and can really move the cue ball but was not as easy to control as the AH2. As always, YMMV. Best of luck on your search. Keith Edited for sp.
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    US Open 9-Ball -- info on early events?

    ...and some "hidden" rooms. Keith
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    The raid at the rack - article

    Crazy pinballers! 😁 Keith
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    US Open 9-Ball -- info on early events?

    The Sewells Point location was an absolute hoot of a place to be. Keith
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Quaint, local tradition? 🙄 Keith
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Any word on the guy working? Keith
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    Kevin Varney Cue

    I have a 57" Varney j/b, made in 2000, with a j/b & a shooting shaft. PM if you'd like pics and details. Keith
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    Sold BK3 w/ Carbon Fiber Shaft & Phenolic tip

    Who made the shaft? Shaft taper, diameter, tip, etc? Thanks, Keith
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    Gulyassy Sledgehammer Question

    Those Mosconi Cup appearances were some great national tournament action. Keith
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    Best to use to clean a set of Aramith balls

    Bob, As someone who is not familiar with the restorer, can it be used in conjunction with a ball cleaner/polisher? Do you believe that the restorer product would leave a residue in or on the cleaning surfaces of a ball cleaner/pilisher? Thanks, Keith
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    What's the hardest leather tip that holds chalk well?

    I'd recommend a Samsara J/B tip. Although not leather, the Predator tip on the Rush break cue can be chalked and played with. I'm not sure that you'd say that either has a "good" sound. Keith
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    SAN JOSE DICK aka SJDinPhx

    I definitely enjoyed reading what he posted on both forums. Some of the easily-offended ladies got butthurt due to his straightforward style of conversation & lack of tolerance for BS. 😁 Keith
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    Do you have a subscription list that is not FB-based? Thanks, Keith
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    Looks like a great event. It's a shame that it's butting heads with the Int'l in Norfolk. Keith
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    We called that a vent. Keith
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    Sold Schon, Predator Cuetec for sale

    PM sent to OP yesterday, no response. I'm out Keith
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    electric heater power/wattage recommendations for my garage?

    One method of calculating shows a requirement of 1kw of heat per every 494 cubic feet. Your space of 19'x19' with 8' ceilings comes in at 2,888 cubic feet. Dividing your space of 2,888 cubic feet by 494 shows a need for 5.8461538462kw of heat. That could vary due to several factors including...
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    I heard that it's best not to hold a grudge. Keith
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    Anyone used a longoni Luna Nera?

    Deano, Have you used any other carbon fiber shafts, and if so, how would you compare them to the Longoni? Thanks, Keith