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  1. JE54

    FOR SALE--Mike Bender joint 30 inch Jacoby Black

    SOLD & Shipped
  2. JE54

    ***FS-Jacoby Black Carbon Fiber 2nd and used for a Mike Bender 3/8 x 14***

    For Sale---I have a Jacoby black 29 inch 2nd that I've used for about a month, so its used. I had the joint changed by Tim Prince (Prince's Cues) to fit a Mike Bender 3/8 x 14. The shaft joint overlaps the joint maybe .005, you can barely feel it. But you can. The Bender I have it on says M.J...
  3. JE54

    Jacoby Black 3/8 x10 2nd 29 inch

    Jacoby Black 2nd, which means its not perfect. There might be a little color difference. So it's just like a 1st but might have a little color change somewhere on it. They sell the best (1st) for $475, the 2nds for $375. I went with the 2nd because a little color difference dosent bother me to...
  4. JE54

    WTB Mike Bender Rairoad tracks Shaft

    WTB----------Looking for a MIKE BENDER straight shaft with the railroad tracks at the joint ? At least 12.9 mm.
  5. JE54

    WTB Mike Bender Rairoad tracks Shaft

    ,.............................. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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    Determining left / right inside or outside pivots or sweeps

    First of all, I have both of Stan's videos and watched all his you tubes. Also seen Bob Nunley's you tube on determing sweeps. Waiting like everyone else (I am) who's interested for his book and TS. Here's my question and I'll explain it. When trying to determine sweeps/ pivots, inside or...
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    *** WTB-Mike Bender Shaft/shafts ***

    Looking for Mike Bender Shaft with his railroad track rings. Show me what you have...…………...
  8. JE54

    Diamond 9 foot Blue label used tournament table

    Anybody know where to get a used Diamond blue label tournament table ?
  9. JE54

    WTB a Chris Whitager *****************

    Looking for a Chris Whitager.................
  10. JE54

    G10 Pin

    Is a G10 pin, a 3/8 x 10 pin ? Thanks
  11. JE54

    ****For Sale-- Mike Bender 10 point EBONY & BEM ***

    No longer for sale.............
  12. JE54

    ******FS--Mike Bender Ebony with 10 point Bem *********

    Back for sale. $1500 paid with Paypal and shipped to CONUS only
  13. JE54

    WTB Predator shaft for Mike Bender 3/8 x 14 joint

    Looking for a Predator 314, 314-2, 314-3 or Fat shaft for a Mike Bender 3/8 x 14 joint. Joint diameter is .845 Needs to be straight and in good shape. Would like a 30 inch but will take a 29 inch. Show me what you got.
  14. JE54

    WTB-- Predator for a Mike Bender

    found one, no longer looking........................
  15. JE54

    WTB predator weight bolt kit for a predator BK3

    WTB for a weight bolt kit for $30.00. Anybody got one?
  16. JE54

    Predator weight bolt kit

    Looking for a predator weight bolt kit, will pay $30 total shipped and paid with paypal.
  17. JE54

    WTB Predator 314-2 for Mike Bender 3/8 x 14 joint

    Just what it says.................
  18. JE54

    Joint protectors 3/8 x 14 for Mike Bender cue

    No longer need them...................................
  19. JE54

    Lambros - Old and Rare

  20. JE54

    Stan posted a new you tube video

    Just wanted to let anybody that wanted to know that Stan posted a new you tube today.......