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    LTB carbide sanding mandrels

    I sent a message to Jetercues about the sets he posted, but looks like he hasn't been online in a month. I need a set of 3/8-10 .850 carbide sanding mandrels for sure, and possibly a set of .842 uni-loc. Does anyone have a set they are looking to sell, or a suggestion on who to get a set through?
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    small head weight screws

    I'm looking for 3/8-16 weight bolts that have the smaller head size than what Atlas sells. I've looked around but haven't found any. I've had a bunch of cues lately come in that need that smaller size, and I'm sick of turning down the head on the weight bolts atlas sells. Anyone have a lead...
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    Need 1/2" brown phenolic JC

    I'm in between houses and can't find my box of phenolic in my storage unit. I need 1/2" of the joint size brown phenolic that Mason sold. It gets lighter when cut and darkens with age. Here is a pic of the cue I need to match up with. Will PayPal or send a check to cover the phenolic and...
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    uni-loc bullet joint pin & insert?

    Does anyone have a uni-loc bullet joint pin and insert that they would be willing to sell? I just placed an order with Atlas and have someone with a Poison cue that wants an extension. Thought I would see if someone has a set they'd be willing to part with rather than try to come up with...
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    Stack Leather wrap video

    Anybody have Tiger stack leather wrap video they are willing to sell?
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    MIsc items for sale

    I bought out a guy locally of some tips and other items, and have some stuff that's been laying around collecting dust. So, here's what I'm looking to get rid of. 5 stainless steel, 1 brass, and one tap for import type radial pins from Schmelke. Sold 11 13mm Elk Masters 20 13mm Le Pro's 22...
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    FS - P3 Weight kit

    Unused P3 weight kit $45 shipped, cashiers check or Paypal (add 3%).
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    FS - Multiple cues and shafts

    Here are some cues I've had laying around for awhile, or taken in on trade. All prices shipped with insurance. Shipping to US/Canada only. Will accept a cashiers check, or paypal to verified addresses only(add 3%). Let me know if you have any questions. Viking 5/16-18, brass collars, 19.8...
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    I saw that Atlas has these in stock, after I placed my order though :( . So I didn't get a chance to order some to try them out. Has anyone else tried them out? What are your thoughts? They have them as a medium to hard feel, what tip would you compare the hardness to? Thanks.
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    need 3" steel weight bolt

    Please disregard
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    Predator P3 Weight kit

    I have a weight kit for the Predator P3, new, never used. Looking for $60 shipped. Add 3% for paypal.
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    Sward Custom Cues

    Here are a few pictures of my latest batch of cues. This cue is birdseye forearm and butt, uni-loc pin, aegis II buttcap. Black bordered silver rings in all spots, maroon w/ white spec wrap. Shaft is 4.4 oz with pro taper, a titan ferrule, and wizard soft tip. 20.1 oz, 58 inches long. Cue...
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    leather wrap problem

    I installed a leather wrap for a friend a little over a year ago. Today he brings his cue over, and the wrap just slides off. I use contact cement on all leather wrap installs. I've changed wraps I've installed before and had to rip them off with a vise grip. So I'm not sure what would cause...
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    FS - cue companion I sold the large chuck that didn't open fully that is in the pictures. Sold.
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    FS - Cue companion repair lathe

    Used Cue companion repair lathe extra belts, 2 speed reduction wheels, Drill Chuck and key, Auto tip shaper Allen wrench tool and chuck handles, Shaft and butt centering guides Assortment of right hand cutting bits, 2 regular boring bars, 3 tip centering tools 3/8-10, 5/16-14, 5/16-18, 3/8-11...
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    uni-loc tapered SS joint

    I bought a few of these to try out: I decided to try the fit on a junk dowel I had. I cut the tenon to .585 and threaded it 5/8-18, cut the counterbores also. And it doesn't thread on. The threads don't even touch on the...
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    Fs 314-2 5/16-14 30"

    FS 314-2 30" shaft, 5/16-14 threads, Kamui Black SS tip. Tip is new, maybe 30 racks played on it. Shaft is in great shape, it was my backup shaft so it was rarely used. $160 shipped, add 3% if using paypal. Otherwise postal money order. No overseas shipping. PM serious offers only, price...
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    soft layered tip options

    Other than the Moori S and the Kamui Black SS, is there anything else you guys are installing for a soft layered tip that is holding up and performing well? I offer the above tips and also elk masters which I compress over night, just wanted to see if there are any other good options. Thanks.
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    bad batch of Wizards?

    Has anyone had any problems with the Wizard Mediums being too hard? The last batch I just got all seem to be hitting extremely hard, and I've never had a problem before this batch. The hit hard enough where they have a ping to them. Thanks.
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    Titan ferrule rod

    Anyone know where I can get Titan in rod form? I can't find it anywhere.