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    Bugatti Pool Tables

    This is just nuts. I would love to know if the guy that purchased this was above a level 4...... :ROFLMAO:
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    Shane's First US Open on Youtube

    Just released on Accu-Stats YT channel.....(y) Thank You Accu-Stats ......
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    Any Tommy Kennedy updates ...?

    It’s been a few months since the last update. Anyone been in touch with Tommy?
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    Crazy Snooker shot at Masters

    Just saw this on Google News.... Happened couple of days ago at the 2020 Masters. Not sure if this could ever be duplicated.
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    Speaking of Mosconi Cup.....

    Michaela is not a teetotaler. I Don't remember ever seeing this before, apparently, it was the final issue(2015). I sure would like to see her back at the Cup. She puts the gold in "gold standard"
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    What is your Age ....?

    A recent thread asking about favorite games, brought up a discussion I had with a friend. What's the average age group of AZB members? I'm thinking 40-50, he thinks 30-40...... Sorry, if this has been discussed before.
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    Other big win for the GOAT

    The man is just unbelievable. Even though it was BB 8ball, Efren went undefeated, in a field with some of the best 8 Ballers in the world. This finals match will be hard to beat for any Efren fan. Some incredible play. Race to 15, and stream was flawless. For those of you who missed it...
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    Joel Dadivas Wrapless Amboyna/Ebony

    16 pt Joel Dadivas Wrapless Amboyna/Ebony 2013 JD Custom Wrapless. Ebony forearm/handle, with Amboyna points.Green/Black veneers. Excellent playing cue. Comes with 2 shafts, with Triangle tips.I believe Ivorine ferrules. One shaft slightly used, one unused. Nice Crisp hit. No Nicks or...
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    Hightower Book

    Second edition in like new condition. SOLD-------shipped .....lower 48 only. PayPal FF, or pay the fees.
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    Pool Room Map

    I somewhat remember this website from a couple of years ago. What I don't remember is the cool interactive map showing the Rooms across Canada and the US. I'm sure they still have some of the closed rooms listed, but still....:thumbup: Anyone here involved with this...? Lot's of info...
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    Derby Brackets back up

    Looks like they updated the completed matches.....up to 4th round in 9 ball. THANK YOU :thumbup:
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    Where's Danny(Kid Delicious) Basavich been lately ....?

    Just curious, I really loved watching him play. I know he had some issues with depression, but is he still playing at all, that anyone knows of. And where is he living? Pm's are fine if you don't want to post it here..... thanks.
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    Feijen on Team Europe

    Matchroom just added Niels to the European team. No big surprise here. Still nothing on the US side other than Shane. What's the current point standings....? Anyone have an update? 8 weeks and counting.:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
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    3x7 Leather Instroke FS

    Used, but never abused tooled Instroke case. Natual color. No rips, no tears....great shape. $$SOLD$$ shipped, US trades. Price is firm.
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    Polishing a canvas ferrule....?

    I have and old used shaft with a canvas ferrule that just looks dull. Is there one compound that works better than others to polish it up...? Thanks for any info....:smile:
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    Alex @ DCC

    Anyone know if he showed up...? I don't see him listed in the banks.
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    FS: Buddy Hall Rags to Rifleman

    Here's a nice copy of Buddy's book. Good condition, no missing pages. Price is firm, no trades. $175 shipped to U.S. only.(priority mail)
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    US Open 1P....Who Won The Hot Seat

    Anyone know if they finished last night...? It was 2-0 Dennis when I lost the stream.
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    *** FS-Target Pool ***

    I used this one time, then put it away.... like new condition. $OLD shipped to US only.... Price is firm, no trades.
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    FS - Shots, Moves and Stratagies

    *** SOLD *** For those with an interest in 1-pocket, this is THE book. Signed by the author on the cover. Book is in "like-new" condition, read once. --------------, U.S. only.... price is firm, no trades.