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    wanted manzino black knight cue ,

    i missed out on one and have seen nother one . its all ebony with black wrap . no markingis just plain jane . found on corner cues but missed by few days , if anyone knows of one let me know thanks .

    wanted cue maker to make this cue

    its for a buddy of of fighting C. if you have long waiting list then prolly could not go that route for obvious reasons. simple all black ebony no points . with also black joint . balanced with no weights . i thought i found one but sold before i could discuss it . low deflection...

    what cue makers dont use weights for balance

    just wondering , i like the idea of a cue being balanced without weights

    manzino cues

    does he have a site or contact number ? or on facebook , i must be stupid , i cant find it .

    Coker cues ?

    seen a few i like , but not much ive read about online , how does his cues stack up to like the tas or manzino or other well known names ?? im not talking bout eye candy inlays and fancy safe queens . i like simple looking cues from the golden age .

    wanted TS PHANTOM

    Rare i know

    fedunka any good ??

    ran across one , saw same pics here i cant find now . it was same cue , he had pic of 3 of them . what are they worth ?? any good . says got gus szamboti prongs . ive talked down to 2 grand . told him i would mull it over but wanted to ask experts here . checked ebay ir was on there...


    dont sellers of cues just add the paypal 4 percent and goods and services ?? ive turned down a few because of it , if you are selling its on you . it urks me . anyone who uses free family and friends for expensive cues is just crazy . atleast the seller can incorporate it in price and...

    bay rant

    what the eff is wrong with ebsy and paypal?? ive been member for good knows how long . made , tracking showing package delivered , and money on hold?? so basically they can hold on to it long as they want . ive tried 2 days to get someone live on phone nope . any one use a better service this...

    Jacoby custom cue

    Jacoby custom cue LOWERED PRICE \ SOLD SOLD SOLDPRICE DROPPED 300 DOLLARS . TEXT 919-356-4855 if want to buy ,serious buyers only . $1,350 ]not many around anymore , all ebony and iv---ry This cue was made about 17 years ago by Jacoby Custom Cues for an individual in...

    what cues are saving up for ?

    or you might just not have to save up lol . i need to stop looking at cues , one i liked i had to back out because my chihuahua needs surgery to remove some bad teeth . and that is 1,500 dollars . but she is more important then a pool cue / furbabies are family she is 14 , and i know some...

    how do you list cues you own or play with ??

    nevermind seems to work now lol

    best way to store cues

    ive had mine in a safe in the cases . but i saw on here people had these things where they hang the cues from the ceiling . how does everyone do it ? id be nervous having cues hanging from ceiling , i told my wife i want to build a small hidden room ,we live in the sticks , i conceal...

    anyone own a capone cue ??

    if so how do you like it , i do not really know that much on him and cues .

    lambros or richard black

    i know nothing about these cues but some buddies both have a few of each . i can get a deal on 1 of each , between them what would be the better cue ?? i know lambros are hard to come by and they are pretty much the same with inlays etc which i dont really care for . but if price is right...

    cue maker from Miss, or alabama ?

    i saw someone mention a cue maker from that area i cant find the thread . anyone know of cue maker down there ?

    favorite cue builders

    i notice at bottom of alot of members they have cues they own and play with , i see jeff olney cues alot . which is your favor builders and cues ??? and none of the 4 fit you add a name here

    schon cx75 for sale

    holding for now . might be sold . thansk

    conversions custom cues ?

    ok ive been reading bout conversion cues what is the difference like you see a scruggs titilist , or any custom cue . or a regular cues ? and is a conversion better then regular made cues ??? and which is more expensive any benefits for either ???

    for those with multiple cues which play best ??

    im a peon in the cue world . but to all the folks who are hardcore players and own tons of cues which ones do you own that play the best ??