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    Question about shooting fast and shooting slow......

    When I was younger I always played fast. I made more money that way. I always had customers waiting to play next.
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    Recent Meucci original buy , assist?

    The points are normal for Meucci. Makes it more like one of a kind custom. Meucci has always done this. Many years ago I used to buy up factory 2nds from Steve Lomax at the Expo. As long as they play good, that’s all that matters. LOL
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    Recent Meucci original buy , assist?

    The points are fine. Doesn’t hurt the value. I’d send it to Scott Erwin or Proficient. Might be a M-7 Meucci.
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    Something is wrong with Team USA

    Win or lose, still a good exhibition. The jump shots seemed to be huge this year. I just enjoy seeing shooters play good. The score mlght not of been close, but there were still good matches. Wish players would be more respectful towards each other for the good of the game.
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    OB Cues

    . Got my popcorn ready to see what happens with OB Cues. Just got a package from them with a few replacement shafts and two are good and one is not. Check you stuff before sending out! Going to be interesting with a new President steering the ship. . .
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    New OB 160----$450

    New OB 160 $450 shipped. Cocobola four point cue with Classic Plus shaft. Rolls fine apart but when together rolls like a turtle. Quality sucks.
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    New OB 131 at a disounted price

    New OB 131 at a discounted price. Same seller also has a new OB 160 for the same price that has a wobble when together. Quality seems to be a problem....:angry:
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    Jim Rempe Meucci and 3X5 Case

    Through this site I can do $250 for this old Jim Rempe Meucci. New 3X5 J&J case---------->
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    New Meucci No Reserve....

    :thumbup: New Meucci with no reserve.... .
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    13mm Joss Shaft, NEW

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    New Joss Purple Heart Sneaky

    New, straight 19.5 ounce Joss with a 13mm shaft. $185 shipping included. Sorry...I don't trade cues.
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    Muecci on Ebay.....

    New cues on Ebay....good price!:D .
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    Meucci with Extra Shaft

    . Go through AZ and it's $230.
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    Good Meucci Original coming out of the closet.... :love:
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    Meucci Originals OL-3 ********SOLD********
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    Good deals on Meucci Cues....

    . *****************sold*********************
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    BMC Meucci

    Nice to see nice Meucci cues being built again. Best offer? Hmmm......:rolleyes:
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    Joss Cue

    Joss Purple Heart sneaky pete with an OB-1 shaft. Around 19-19.5 ounce all new for $260 shipped.
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    Meucci Cue

    18 ounce Meucci cue. I think I have extra weights here if you need it heavier. New condition with a 12.5 MM tip on this red dot shaft. Only $250 on this new cue.
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    I don't think it was ever used. One original shaft and one custom made shaft. Rolls good. ****SOLD****