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    WTB 9' Diamond Blue Label Pro-Am w/ 1-pc Slate

    I'm looking to buy a Diamond Blue Label 9-foot Pro-Am with one-piece slate. The table must be rosewood in color. A Dymondwood model is preferred but I would consider others. I am located in Eastern North Carolina but would travel for the right deal. Please contact me through site messages or...
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    RIP Jimmie Hinton 10Dec20

    It is with a heavy heart that I report the passing of my dear friend Jimmie Hinton on 10Dec20. He left behind a loving family and many grieving friends. Anyone would be hard-pressed to find a better friend and bigger fan/supporter of the game we love. Jimmie, my cue/case buddy and #1 US/Int'l...
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    My Home Room- Dot's Cue Club in Rocky Mount, NC

    The owners my home room have been busy during the shutdown. Patching and painting throughout, new carpet throughout, all of the tables serviced and recovered. I'm looking forward to getting back in there. I'd like to throw out a big Thank You to management and the owners. Keith
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    Removing Cigarette Smoke Smell From Leather Wrap?

    I acquired a cue with a leather wrap that was owned by a smoker. I've tried wrapping the leather in newspaper for a couple of weeks, changing to fresh paper every couple of days, but it's not getting the job done. I'd had luck with this process a couple of years ago. I'm open to suggestions as...
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    Removing Glue From Carbon Fiber

    Cuemakers, I recently acquired a new Mezz Ignite cue shaft. I noticed a small drop of glue a few inches below the tip after removing it from the factory sleeve. I sent an e-mail to Mezz inquiring about their approved/recommended method for removing the wayward adhesive from the shaft. They...
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    WTB/WTTF Jacoby 3-Piece Jump Handle

    I'd like to buy or trade for a Jacoby 3-piece jump handle with the 3/8x10 pins. Thanks, Keith
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    WTTF 12.4 Revo Shaft/ Uniloc or Radial

    I have a used, but taken care of, 12.9 Revo Uniloc shaft that I would like to trade for/towards a 12.4 Revo Shaft in Uniloc. Thanks, Keith
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    Lucasi Air Hog 2

    All, Looking for any reviews or user opinions on the Lucasi Air Hog 2 Jump Cue. Mods, please move if needed as I posted here due to the increased views. Thanks, Keith
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    Mezz Power Break II

    Found It Found it. Thanks, Keith
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    BreakRAK for 9' Table

    I'm looking to purchase a BreakRAK for a 9' table and will consider the 7', 8',9' model as well. Thanks, Keith ETA 17Apr19: Super smooth deal with RakRunr, would definitely deal with again. Positive iTrader submission made.
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    WTT New Radial Revo Shaft for New Uniloc Revo Shaft

    FOUND ONE New Radial Revo Shaft for New Uniloc Revo Shaft FOUND ONE WTT New Radial 12.9 Revo Shaft for New Uniloc 12.9 Revo Shaft I have a brand new, unhit, Radial Revo shaft that I would like to trade for a new, unhit, Uniloc Revo shaft. Mine will include the soft case, sleeve, wipes...
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    WTB/WTTF LE5 Cue Butt

    I am interested in acquiring a Predator LE5 cue butt. Thanks In Advance, Keith ETA 2Jan19: Thanks for the LE3 offer Bob but looking specifically for an LE5 although the 3 is a nice cue.
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    WTB Kamikaze Brown Medium Cue Tips

    All, I would like to purchase some Kamikaze Brown Medium cue tips. Thanks, Keith
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    Suppliers For Fresh Cue Tips

    Cuemakers, Who do you recommend for fresh, single-layer cue tips (LePro, Triangle, Elkmaster, etc.)? PM will be fine if needed. Mods, please relocate if needed. Thanks, Keith
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    Beware of Shane Winters/ He Lacks Honesty

    Just a heads up to fellow forum members. Shane Winters sold me two Samsara True Shafts that were crooked. I'm not speaking of taper rolls, I mean crooked. He refuses to respond to my attempts to contact him and won't refund my money. The transaction did not take place through this forum but I...
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    2019 Group Rate Code Release?

    How early does the lodging discount code normally come out? Thanks, Keith
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    WTT 11.5mm Samsara TruShaft, Radial Pin, for Same in 12.75mm (N.C./ Will Ship)

    WTS 11.5mm Samsara TruShaft, Radial Pin $160 Now $150 Shipped Conus (N.C./ Will Ship) I have an excellent condition 29", 11.5mm, Samsara True Shaft, Radial Joint for sale at $160 now $150 shipped CONUS via USPS Priority. Still has the original Samsara layered tip on it.. Please contact me with...
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    Josh Treadway Merry Widow @ $550 Shipped

    SOLD Josh Treadway Merry Widow @ $550 Shipped SOLD SOLD I have a Josh Treadway merry widow for sale at $550 shipped within the Lower 48 via USPS Priority. It has a black leather wrap and comes with two 13mm shafts This cue has less than 4hrs on it. Specifications and pictures of a like...
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    Cleaning a Dyed Leather Wrap

    I know that this has been asked before due to my search but didn't find any responses more current than 2014. I recently acquired a cue with a dyed leather wrap and wanted to know if there were any other recommendations for cleaning the wrap area of the cue. Thanks, Keith ETA 28Mar17: My...
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    Instructional Recommendations

    All, I am looking for recommendations as to what would be some good instructional material for basic cue repair, maybe leading to other work. I had a lathe about 15yrs ago and did tips, ferrules, tenons, wraps, conversions of one-piece cues into playing and jump/break cues, joint pin...