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  1. sgonzalez34

    Carbon Fiber 3/8 x 10, 30-inch shafts

    NO LONGER FOR SALE I have 2 mint Rogue carbon fiber shafts left for sale: 1) J. Pechauer Rogue 3/8 x 10, 30-inch, 12.8mm tip diameter, 4.06 oz, approx. 0.850 inch joint diameter, Zan medium tip new. Ordered as my back up shaft and never used it. I paid $493 ($475 + $18 for custom tip) PRICE...
  2. sgonzalez34

    Sold 2019 SW-Style Ariel Carmeli Custom Ebony Nose 6-point Ash Burl Cue

    **** SOLD ****. For Sale - 2019 SW-Style Ariel Carmeli Custom 6-point Ash Burl Ebony Cue with 2 veneers, natural and black. Black leather wrap. Cue is in excellent condition, butt and shafts are straight (straightest cue I’ve ever owned). Rings at all positions. Comes with the 2 original...
  3. sgonzalez34

    Sold Fisher Torrefied Maple Shaft 3/8 x 10

    FS - Practically brand new (used for less than 2 hours) Fisher Torrefied maple shaft with a black collar. It is 30 inches, 12.75mm tip diameter, weighs 3.88 oz, 14" pro taper, Elforyn 1/4 inch ferrule, UltraSkin layered tip. Price: SOLD
  4. sgonzalez34

    DigiCue Blue

    Looking for a used one in good condition or a new one. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. sgonzalez34

    Sold Custom Mid-Cue Extension for SW 3/8 x 11 Pin

    FS - Custom made to fit my SW cues, I have a 2.5-inch shiny black coated maple shaft extension 0.8260" diameter (very light weight, 0.78 oz). It has a few very light scuff marks on the surface, from storage in my case. Price: SOLD
  6. sgonzalez34

    Sold Two SW Cues For Sale

    Number #1: Price: SOLD Number #2: Price: SOLD
  7. sgonzalez34

    7-ft Diamond Pro-Am

    Looking for a used 7-foot ProAm. Preferably in black and within a couple of hours from South Florida for local pick up. Thank you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. sgonzalez34

    GO-2 Custom Carbon Fiber 3/8x11

    This shaft was custom made by Goran at GO Customs for my SW. Has less than one hour of play. Unlike other 3/8x11 CF shafts, this one actually fits a SW with a joint diameter of 0.825". Like New, 29", 12.8mm, 3/8x11 (snug fit), new soft Searing Precision tip, very slight roll. PRICE...
  9. sgonzalez34

    South West (SW) and Go-2 CF Shafts

    I am the original and only owner of all the shafts FS below. Feel free to contact Laurie at SW Cues (323-15) or Goran at GO Customs to confirm. Happy to provide copies of my invoice receipts. None of the shafts have any dings, scratches, cracks, or other damage. Shaft 1: SW, Light use, 29"...
  10. sgonzalez34

    Samsara True Break Shaft

    Looking for a Uniloc joint. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  11. sgonzalez34

    *** Samsara Jump Break Cue ***

    *** SOLD ***Wrapless Samsara Break Jump Cue with Uni-lock quick release joint. Stained curly maple forearm and butt sleeve with cocobolo rings and cocobolo joint protector set. Samsara True Break Shaft with Samsara Break Tip. Dart handle included. Weight 19oz. Excellent condition, no dings or...
  12. sgonzalez34

    FS Meucci Carbon Fiber PRO Shaft

    *** SOLD *** Meucci PRO Carbon Fiber Shaft 31-inch - 12.5mm 3/8 x 10 - Black Collar 0.840 Joint Size - Medium Kamui Black Tip Purchased 4/2019 for $449 Price - SOLD Zelle Preferred Also PayPal + 3%
  13. sgonzalez34

    Roberto Gomez’s Glove

    I was watching the International Open tonight and I noticed that Superman was wearing an interesting glove. Does anyone know anything about it? It appeared to have a ribbed shiny leather texture. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  14. sgonzalez34

    Cuetec Cynergy 3/8 x 11 pin

    FS: Practically new Cuetec Cynergy for 3/8 x 11 pin 29 inches Used it about 6 times. Fantastic hit and feel, I don't like that it's slightly thicker (0.840 vs. 0.825) than the joint on my SW. Also selling my SW. Price SOLD PayPal FF or buyer pays 4% PP fees. PM or email me at...
  15. sgonzalez34

    Mid Cue Extensions for 3/8 x 11 Pin

    #1 (left): 4 inch, maple, 0.8175 #2 (center): 2.5 inch shiny black coated maple 0.8260 (very light weight) #3 (right): 2.5 inch, ebony, 0.8250, dull color matches great with CF shaft ALL SOLD each OBO, PayPal PM or email me at
  16. sgonzalez34

    Wrapless 2015 South West 3 Veneers AB Rings

    FS: Beautiful 2015 South West cue (323-15). Highly figured BEM nose, 6-Amaranth points (3 high, 3 low) with 3 veneers, fucia, purple, black. Unwrapped amaranth grip and AB rings. Weight is between 19 and 20oz, but feels closer to 20oz. Sorry, no scale. Comes with 5 SW shafts, all in...
  17. sgonzalez34

    Which do you like the most?

    Small collection, but let me know which one you like the most. From left to right... 2015 Southwest 2019 Eddie Cohen 2019 Ariel Carmeli
  18. sgonzalez34

    60-inch Southwest cue, wrapless, gabon/gabon

    This may be a little hard to find, but as the title indicates, I would love a 60-inch Southwest, no wrap and all gabon ebony. Alternatively, the points can be a different wood. I currently own a SW with BEM/PH 58-inch, but I feel much better with a longer cue. I ordered a 30-inch shaft from...
  19. sgonzalez34

    Beautiful Tascarella

    SOLD - October 2015 Tascarella 4-point ebony into high figure hard curly maple with flame veneers. Veneer dash deco rings at the flat face ivory joint, 3/8-10 pin. Solid flat face ivory joints provide an amazing hit and uncommon in Tascarella cues. Slotted ivory diamonds and dots inlay motif...
  20. sgonzalez34

    Longoni Cue Extension

    This Longoni Cue Extension is great for those shots you can't quite reach. It measures 15.5 inches and adds about 12 inches to your cue. This item is used, but in great condition. Thanks for looking. SG