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  1. Guerra Cues

    HVLP spray guns for sale

    Hello, I have 3 HVLP spray guns for sale, 0.8mm needle. I just bought a SATA MiniJet 5500 so I don’t need these anymore. They are $25.00 plus $9.00 for shipping. The gun on the right is a Harbor Freight gun and all of these have been used a handful of times and they are super clean.
  2. Guerra Cues

    Custom carbide saw parting blade

    Hello, Up for sale a custom carbide saw parting blade. It’s USA Made not a Chinese blade. Specs: OD: 1.250” ID: 0.375” THICKNESS: 0.032” TEETH: 60 PRICE: SOLD! You can get the arbor from Malco Saw. All my parting blades are custom made and I had this extra one laying around that I can let go.
  3. Guerra Cues

    Spring clean up sale - Whiteside cutters and end mills

    Hello folks, Doing a bit of clean up in my shop. - HSS 3/4” 2 flute end mill 5/8” shank $25.00 - HSS 5/8” 90 degrees countersink 3/8” shank $20.00 - HSS 4 flutes 5/8”x5/8 shank end mill $30.00 - 5/16”x14 SOLD! - 1.250”x1/4” Whiteside cutters new sharpened SOLD! - 1.250”x1/4” with 1/4” shank...
  4. Guerra Cues

    Drill chuck and arbor for Taper Shaper and Cue Maker

    Hello, Up for sale a brand new never used 1/2” drill chuck with 5/8” straight shank arbor. It can be used on a Taper Shaper and Cue Maker Unique Products machines. $40 shipped.
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    African Blackwood and Tulipwood

    Hello folks, Would like to share this cue I just completed with African Blackwood nose and butt with tulipwood handle. Absolutely gorgeous cue going to a customer in Minnesota.
  6. Guerra Cues

    New CNC coming soon

    Hello folks, Have a friend of mine building a CNC for me and he is considering going to production since there is a good handful of cuemakers interested on this setup. This CNC has only X and Y however Z can be adjusted really easy by unscrewing the spindle and make it higher or lower...
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    Cocobolo and olivewood

    Hello, Cue going to DC. Cocobolo nose and butt with olivewood handle, cue is cored with purpleheart. Enjoy the pictures.
  8. Guerra Cues

    Thuya burl and birdseye maple for Maine

    Hello AZers, Another completed cue... Birdseye maple nose and butt with museum grade thuya burl. Thanks Bob Marcoux for the business and your second cue is in the works :)
  9. Guerra Cues

    Brazilian rosewood and thuya burl

    Hello, Another cue out the door, Illinois bound... Thank you Andrew Goar! Brazilian rosewood nose and butt and thuya burl handle.
  10. Guerra Cues

    Norway bound playing set...

    Hello, Just a simple playing set... Cocobolo and curly maple playing cue. My friend in Norway asked me to get him a simple break cue so I threw together this old Dufferin with a shaft with a special “sauce” Odega break tip. I rarely make break cues, this my second one with just a simple thin...
  11. Guerra Cues

    Cocobolo and African Blackwood

    Hello, Trying to finish these back orders, pointed cues coming up for the next builds. This one going to Illinois: cocobolo nose and butt with African Blackwood handle. Matching cocobolo extension. Cue is sold! Enjoy the pictures ;)
  12. Guerra Cues

    2 Olivewood and African Blackwood cues

    2 Olivewood and African Blackwood cues ready to install the pin. Both cues are sold.
  13. Guerra Cues

    4 new cues completed

    Some cues I just sprayed and they are all sold. From top to bottom: - Cocobolo nose and butt and African Blackwood handle - Cocobolo nose and butt with curly maple handle - Cocobolo nose and butt with Olivewood handle - Birdseye maple nose and thuya burl handle cue
  14. Guerra Cues

    African Blackwood and quilted sapelle

    Hello, Shipping to the customer today, an amazing Merry Widow with African quilted sapelle handle with figured African Blackwood nose and butt. Thanks Daniel Cravens. I hope you like it as much as I do.
  15. Guerra Cues

    Dufferin conversion/break cue

    Hello, In about 10 years of making cues this is my second Dufferin conversion for a break cue. Just a fun quick project for a friend, break tip is a super hard Gator tip.
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    Dufferin conversion/break cue

    Wrong forum...
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    Olivewood and birdseye maple

    Just completed.... Olivewood nose and butt with a gorgeous birdseye maple handle. Shafts are old Canadian bowling alley maple. Enjoy the pictures, this cue is sold ;)
  18. Guerra Cues

    Some cues just delivered

    Hello, May I squeeze here a few cues on here? Please? Haven’t post much in the gallery because I haven’t had the time but here are a few cues I shipped this week. 1 - 6 Honduran burl points and handle on ebony nose and butt sleeve 2 - Ebony nose and butt with amboyna burl handle, butt sleeve...
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    Bison or Pratt Burnerd chuck

    Folks, I'm looking into upgrade the chuck on my Grizzly lathe and I'm between the 6 inch 6 jaw Pratt Burnerd setrite and the Bison set-tru 6 inch 6 jaw chuck. I had the Bison before and could not see the dial indicator move at all with runout... Looking for the fellow cuemakers opinions on...
  20. Guerra Cues

    Autobahn bound: Paella burl and ebony for Ralf Ganz

    Cue for Ralf Ganz in Germany. Thank you my friend for your infinite patience. Here is your cue long overdue. A one piece of paella burl from Guatemala from r the handle and butt sleeve on African gaboon ebony forearm. Cue and shafts (Precision soft tips) with matching joint protectors...