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  1. cuejunkie

    Mike Gulyassy Contact Info needed please...

    Like the title says... League teammate of mine would like to send some shafts over to Mike to have them "sealed". If someone could please provide info through private message, that would be helpful. Thanks in advance :thumbup:
  2. cuejunkie

    inexpensive lathe advice needed

    For the last couple years or so, I have been doing my own minor cue repairs using a lathe at my friend's shop. He has recently gone out of business and decided to retire from that line of work. So I am now looking to buy an inexpensive lathe to do tip replacements and shaft conditioning. Can I...
  3. cuejunkie

    Found a $20 bill in an old pair of jeans... Who wants it?

    Okay now... Try not to get too excited :grin: I found an old $20 dollar bill in an old pair of Levi's... SO... Who has something they want to sell me for under $20 dollars shipped? Can be pretty much anything as long as its pool/billiards related. New or Used, Nice or Ugly, on a train or...
  4. cuejunkie

    -+-+-+-+___LOOKING TO BUY___ **Extra SHAFT**

    As the title says, I am in the market to buy an extra shaft. It will be an "extra" shaft that I don't "really" need... SO... I'm not looking to spend a whole lot on it. I have a Bebot Bautista Plain Jane on order but until it makes its way here to me in the U.S. ... the only player I have in...
  5. cuejunkie

    Shaft Conditioning/Finishing

    I have never been good at maintaining my pool cue shafts, but would like to break that bad habit. Before shopping around blindly for shaft maintainance products, I was hoping someone could make a few suggestions. I'm not looking to spend a lot of money, so pretty much just the bare essentials...
  6. cuejunkie

    WTB://Looking for copy of "The Lesson" by the Monk

    Looking to buy a copy of the Monk's book "The Lesson" Ready to buy the book at a fair price. PayPal only, so please no requests for other forms of payment. Shoot me a PM if you have one for sale or can point me in the direction of obtaining one. Many thanks, -Marlo
  7. cuejunkie

    WTB... 7 ft Bar table/Bar box... CHEAP and/or USED

    Hey AZers! In a month or so I will be moving into a new apartment down here in so.calif. and would like the first piece of furniture to be a pool table :grin-square: This would be my very first table, so it doesn't have to be perfect, but due to my limited budget... ... it HAS to be CHEAP...
  8. cuejunkie

    What is the best DVD for learning the Diamond System?

    I am coaching an alternate for my league team and would like to familiarize both him and myself with the Diamond System. What are some good DVD's that teach/explain this system?
  9. cuejunkie

    test pass / fail ???
  10. cuejunkie

    ~ Help me grow up. . . Looking to buy my first custom cue ~

    Update: A note to all: I am always in the market for a great looking cue... but at least for the moment, I am going to try to enjoy the cues which I have acquired up to this point :D Most everyone I've encountered on here have been "top-shelf" and after only 3... going on 4 months now... I...