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  1. Guerra Cues

    Cue Finish ...

    You sand it the same way you do a car finish.
  2. Guerra Cues

    Cue Finish ...

    You sure can apply Brite Tone on top of epoxy. Just follow John’s instructions on the video. My steps are exactly the same. The finish is hard as nails.
  3. Guerra Cues

    CNC software ...

    Aspire but costs 2K. If you run a pirate version you will be banned from their support forums. You have to authenticate your software with them first. They have awesome tutorials and the learning curve is not very steep.
  4. Guerra Cues

    Cue Finish ...

    You guys are not reading this right and are getting it all wrong and all mixed up. JC seals the wood with the sanding sealer and then the epoxy and then the finish which is the correct approach. It is the way I do it too… might not be the correct way for some people but it is the correct...
  5. Guerra Cues

    Cue Finish ...

    John I think that he meant the bullseye stuff.
  6. Guerra Cues


    Sent you a pm Duane.
  7. Guerra Cues

    Traditional style builder

    Leon Sly makes one of the best old school players and then you have Ron Haley. Good luck on finding one of his cues and they don’t come cheap either.
  8. Guerra Cues

    Loctite Gel

    All I use is the ultra gel control, works great!
  9. Guerra Cues

    Loctite Gel

    The ultra control gel gives you more time to use it in your hair
  10. Guerra Cues

    looking to buy a 3 or 4 headed cnc machine

    Unique Products has the setup you want... might not be the price you want but Jim Sickles support is priceless.
  11. Guerra Cues

    CNC spindle

    I don’t like water cooled stuff on my equipment... something goes wrong and the damage will be much bigger from what I tried to save... my setup was close to 1k with everything but that spindle has ceramic bearings and will probably outlast you and me.
  12. Guerra Cues

    CNC spindle

    Do you have a budget including VFD price? This is what I have on my cnc: I also bought their vfd and paid a bit extra to have everything connected. It was plug and play when I got it. Made in...
  13. Guerra Cues

    Taig index plate

    Chris Hightower has them or used to...
  14. Guerra Cues

    Guerra Cues, Show some eye candy!

    Working on the shafts Ralf. Cue is done my friend.
  15. Guerra Cues

    Guerra Cues, Show some eye candy!

    Hello folks, I am recovering from a surgery at this time that removed a tumor that ended up not being cancerous, thank goodness... I’m back in the shop slowly but I do have some eye candy to show. I will be doing mainly pointed cues from now on... 6 pointer Tulipwood and ebony is not spoken for...
  16. Guerra Cues

    Tulipwood for sale - not mine.

    Jesse’s stuff is always top quality. No need to worry about it.
  17. Guerra Cues

    HVLP spray guns for sale

    Hello, I have 3 HVLP spray guns for sale, 0.8mm needle. I just bought a SATA MiniJet 5500 so I don’t need these anymore. They are $25.00 plus $9.00 for shipping. The gun on the right is a Harbor Freight gun and all of these have been used a handful of times and they are super clean.
  18. Guerra Cues

    Custom carbide saw parting blade

    Hello, Up for sale a custom carbide saw parting blade. It’s USA Made not a Chinese blade. Specs: OD: 1.250” ID: 0.375” THICKNESS: 0.032” TEETH: 60 PRICE: SOLD! You can get the arbor from Malco Saw. All my parting blades are custom made and I had this extra one laying around that I can let go.
  19. Guerra Cues

    Spring clean up sale - Whiteside cutters and end mills

    Hello folks, Doing a bit of clean up in my shop. - HSS 3/4” 2 flute end mill 5/8” shank $25.00 - HSS 5/8” 90 degrees countersink 3/8” shank $20.00 - HSS 4 flutes 5/8”x5/8 shank end mill $30.00 - 5/16”x14 SOLD! - 1.250”x1/4” Whiteside cutters new sharpened SOLD! - 1.250”x1/4” with 1/4” shank...
  20. Guerra Cues

    Drill chuck and arbor for Taper Shaper and Cue Maker

    Hello, Up for sale a brand new never used 1/2” drill chuck with 5/8” straight shank arbor. It can be used on a Taper Shaper and Cue Maker Unique Products machines. $40 shipped.