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  1. troyroy78

    Technique for trimming a cue tip flush with the ferrule

    Hi there, I am looking for some advice on any techniques on how you can trim a tip flush with the ferrule on a lathe using the cutter tool rather than using the razor blade method? This is for leather tops and also phenolic break tips too. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Roy.
  2. troyroy78

    Video collection for sale including TAR video's

    Hi There, I have decided to clean out my video collection, i have collected many great instructional's and matches over the years and i think its time for someone else to enjoy the sleepless nights watching these dvd's. Please find the list of videos for sale Mastering pool with Mika Immonen...
  3. troyroy78

    Removing sealer from new shafts

    I recently purchased a new cue and it seems that the shafts have some sealer on them. The question I have is how do I take off this sealer? What grit paper do I use? How do I do it without making a size difference from the shaft and the ferrule? I do have a taig lathe I can use but it's not...
  4. troyroy78

    Alex pagulayan cue?

    Does anyone know what cue Alex used at the tunics event? Doesn't look like his mezz or his Schon. It's a purple cue with white joint and butt cap Any Info is appreciated
  5. troyroy78

    Looking to buy 10 or more sniper tips

    Hi guys What's the best price I can get some sniper tips for? Drop me a pm Thanks Roy
  6. troyroy78

    Mike Lambros cue

    I have been thinking of getting a Lambros cue for a while and i never found one which caught my eye. After some searching around I decided to contact mike to discuss an order. Mike was great to deal with fast communication and insightful information into his cues and what to expect in terms of...
  7. troyroy78

    Mezz Mika Immonen model mi-3

    Deleted ............
  8. troyroy78

    Brand new predator se-11

    Up for sale is a new predator se-11 No 8 of 100 Weight 19oz Shaft 314-2 with Everett tip (test hit) Brought the cue brand new but only yet hit a couple of racks. The shaft has no blueing and plays lights out. Because this cue was made by mezz the mezz extension and bumper work with this model...
  9. troyroy78

    Lee Brett, secret art of pool review

    I will start by saying I have brought many instructional books over the years and had many lessons to help improve my game. I had reached a plateau in my game whilst still lacking my desired level of consistency. I came across lee Brett after watching a video preview of his DVD on YouTube. I...
  10. troyroy78

    Mezz Exceed at a Super low PRICE

    Mezz Exceed I have decided to sell my mezz exceed cue, 8 point ebony forearm with thuya burl points and white veneer. Silver ringwork and leather wrap. Comes with a custom 13mm wd-700 shaft (Special ordered) Shaft is new and has no chalk stains. Butt weight: 15.4oz Shaft Weight: 3.8oz Total...
  11. troyroy78

    Is moving on the shot linked to your eye patterns?

    I have been struggling lately with moving on the shot, but through my observation i feel this is linked to my eye movements. As when i hit the cueball i look to see if its pocketed. Am i correct in this? Also can someone tell me when taking the final shot what do your eyes focus on? and how to...
  12. troyroy78

    Does isopropyl alcohol effect the finish on a cue?

    I put some slipstic on my shaft and it managed to get onto the butt of the cue Now the butt feels really slippy, does anyone know the best way to get slipstic off? I thought of maybe rubbing the butt down with a cloth and some isopropyl alcohol but just wanted to check Any advice is appreciated
  13. troyroy78

    Magic Ball Rack is being used in the World 8-Ball Championships in Fujairah

    I am happy to announce that Magic Ball Rack is being used in the World 8 Ball Championships. The rack has had some engineering changes making it rack even tighter now and the material color has been changed to Black. The rack will be used in more international and US tournaments in 2011...
  14. troyroy78

    New case from John Barton

    These are the pics of my new case from JB. As always fast customer response and excellent customer service.
  15. troyroy78

    Can you fit diamond cushions to any brand of table?

    Can someone let me know if it's possible to fit the cushions used on a diamond professional to a gc iv? If so where can you buy the cushions and how much are they? The openings on my table are currently at 4.25" Thanks Roy
  16. troyroy78

    Sealing LBM ferrule?

    Do you really need to seal LBM ferrules? or is it over kill. Do they stay chalk resistant if just polished up with very fine grit paper?
  17. troyroy78

    Billiards Digest, Pool & Billiards going digital?

    Will these great publication ever decide to go digital like the new ipool magazine. With the changing times in the print industry relying alone on paper copies make revenue streams tougher. I would gladly like to see these magazines doing either an ebook format or an ipad, iphone version. Does...
  18. troyroy78

    Does anyone use Elmers Glue for tips?

    As the title says, i have heard some cuemakers prefer to use elmers glue for tips rather than cyano. Could the cuemakers please highlight the reasons why they use the glue of their choice? Is elmers good for use on tips? Thanks roy
  19. troyroy78

    Magic Ball rack for sale on AZB Marketplace

    Magic Ball Rack is now available to buy from AZB Marketplace :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
  20. troyroy78

    Kenny Murrell 8 Pointer, Ebony, Ivory and Silver

    Well i finally managed to take some pics of this cue:thumbup: When at VF i met up with Kenny Murrell, i have brought numerous cues from kenny over the years and have seen him grow in skill and execution. I had no intentions of buying this cue, however after he showed it to me it kept calling...