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    Figured PH for sale

    I have 8 surplus figured purpleheart squares for sale. The curl is diagonal to the squares, if you accept that curl can be diagonal. If not, you can just call them "figured". They are all around 19.75" long, and are surfaced four sides to about 1.475". Dense material. Clean, I surfaced them...
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    Interest in slot cutters ground concentric to arbor?

    It is time for me to replace a few slow cutters. I mount them to an arbor, trim excess, dab a bit of 5 minute epoxy, and send them off to be ground/sharpened concentric to the arbor. While I'm getting a quote, anyone interested if I decide it is worth it? Whiteside, 1 - 7/8" diameter, 1/4"...
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    Interest in slot cutters ground true to arbor?

    I must have been really tired to not be able to find the thread I started and then make another. Post any replies to the one in Cue Machinery.
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    Sherline lathe beds, base plates, tailstock FS

    I have a 15" Sherline lathe bed, a 24" Sherline lathe bed, aluminum plates under each, and a tailstock assembly for sale. The plates are about .465", both sides surfaced. Each plate has two sets of mounting holes for 1/4" cap screws. The mounting holes are 50 mm apart. I used the beds set up...
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    FS: 3/8-16 nylon bolts, drilled and tapped, WITH 8-32 nylon cap screws

    I sold some 3/8-16 nylon butt screws on here about 5 years ago after I first started using them in my cues when I wanted to reduce weight at the butt end. I really like them and have decided to add nylon 8-32 cap screws with them and post them on my website for sale. Two color options, white...
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    MVP Cocobolo J/B For Sale

    Greetings all. I have a cocobolo JB for sale. $450 shipped to the US. You can load a larger picture of it from my for sale page. Thanks for looking. This jump break was made from one full length piece of...
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    Looking for Wavy Maintenance Arbor

    This one. Atlas has been out of stock for months. Any chance someone bought one for a one time use and is willing to sell it?
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    MVP Veneered FS Avengers Series

    Here is something a little different. I wanted to have a little fun and play around with veneer colors to make some Avengers themed cues. Hawkeye, Cap, Hulk, Black Panther, Iron Man. The butt wood in all of them is Curupay. I plan to do some character matching JP engraving. Here is a much...
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    Trash ebony for sale

    These are surfaced to 1.35 x 24". They are not the blackest, a couple checks here and there, anda few scattered pin holes. $12.50 a piece plus actual shipping.
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    Katalox Rounds For Sale

    Three rounds for sale (I want to sell all 3 to one person) 1-3/8 x 18" $25 plus actual shipping
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    Coco Rounds for Sale

    I needed some coco'm selling some coco rounds. Makes sense, right? :rolleyes: What happened to the price of coco? The shortest on the far left is 23". The one on the far right is just shy of 26". The diameters range from 1.305 (most common) to 1.32. I just took a very...
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    MVP Thuya Veneered FS #2, into Ebony green veneers for Clay

    Unfortunately, #2 is the last of the thuya burl I had long enough for a FS butt. I couldn't be happier with how this one came out. :happydance: I have not named this cue. If something comes to mind for anyone, feel free to throw it at the wall. Maybe it will stick. Larger version...
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    MVP Veneered FS Thuya Burl into Birdseye Maple

    A recently delivered cue. I don't think there are many full splice Thuya burl cues around. This one was a pleasure to build. All white except the Tomahawk ferrules is deer antler. There is a little write up at my page below where you can click the thumbnail to load a larger version...
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    MVP Veneered FS Curly Pyinma into Camatillo for Clyde

    Been a while since I posted a cue here. I put this in the mail yesterday. Some of the best curly Pyinma I have owned, straight grained camatillo. Icy hot veneers. The customer deserves 100% of the credit for the wood selection and veneer combination. One of my favorite blanks I have...
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    MVP Veneered FS Blanks FS

    Greetings all. I made a few extra blanks during a recent round of custom orders. I thought I would offer them here before I post them on my website for purchase/reserving. First, some general information that applies to all of my venerered FS blanks. My taper is .840/1.27" over 29" in case...
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    5/16-18 capped Tomahawk ferrules?

    A customer has asked if I plan to offer threaded and capped Tomahawk ferrules for sale. If I used 5/16-18 capped myself I would definitely have them for sale. Since I don't, I have been on the fence regarding this subject. Being the raw material is a bit on the expensive side to begin with, I...
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    Calling Joss Experts ???

    A cue came to me for a butt cap repair and a new linen wrap. It was in a case with a Mcdermott D16, which is listed to be from 1984 to 1990. This cue in question certainly has some age to it, but it's unknown whether it dates as far back as the Mcdermott. The finish on the cue is in quite...
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    Ebony with Pink Ivory and Ivory inlays

    Here is my latest mailed yesterday. The customer wanted my blackest ebony with pink ivory inlays, but a generally simple cue. This is what I came up with. Thanks for looking and Happy Thanksgiving.