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  1. Mr. Wiggles

    My new Bludworth should be here tomorrow

    Nice cue! Bought a full splice sneaky years ago for $125 new! Stiff hitting player. Small blood dot indicates made by Leonard. Big dot by his son.
  2. Mr. Wiggles

    Who is maker?

    Only pic available! Not my cue. I also thought workmanship was not great.
  3. Mr. Wiggles

    Who is maker?

  4. Mr. Wiggles


    John is very generous! Donates cases for various benefits all the time. Good guy and likes to jump in the green box sometimes!
  5. Mr. Wiggles

    The Driller!

    Sad day in Okla City! Gary Drennan THE DRILLER has passed away! No details. Everybody’s pal and a heck of a player! RIP Driller!
  6. Mr. Wiggles


    Young guns! No big mystery here for most of you .
  7. Mr. Wiggles

    Chip vs Dennis

    Chip Compton plays Dennis Orcolo one pocket race to 7. Dennis giving Chip 10-8. Chip wins 7-3. 4.5 pockets. Nice to sweat great one hole at Bills Billiards in Okc.
  8. Mr. Wiggles

    One pocket ghost!

    How do you play the ghost in one hole?
  9. Mr. Wiggles

    Drop pocket Diamond tables.

    Pretty sure I know the answer, but thought maybe there could be a conversion available. Thinking there are drop pocket 9 footers but no 7 footers. All about different pockets obviously. Would love a drop pct 7 ft. Would want it to also hold more than 4 or 5 balls!
  10. Mr. Wiggles

    Leagues in Oregon

    Anyone know if there are any leagues in or near Canby Oregon?
  11. Mr. Wiggles

    Big Dogs. Des Moines

    Stopped in Des Moines last week on the way to fishing in Ontario. Had some time to kill and went to Big Dogs to shoot some pool. About a mile off I-235 as I remember. Nice place and friendly folks. Even had a 3-cushion table!! Quite a few arcade games. Played about 3 hours at $3 an hour!! That's...
  12. Mr. Wiggles

    BCA concession

    I understand conceding is not allowed in BCA eight ball league. However people do concede. Last night in eight ball my opp scratches on eight, leaving eight on table with me having two balls left. Shakes my hand, walks away and says good game. Thats conceding which is not allowed!? His team...
  13. Mr. Wiggles

    Mr. Cues. Atlanta

    Visited Mr. Cues near Atlanta Monday. Nice place. Free pool till three if you eat lunch. GC eights and nines. One Diamond nine. One three cushion and a twelve ft. snooker tables. About thirty seven tables. Nice friendly people. Played about three hours, had lunch and bought a t shirt. $23 . My...
  14. Mr. Wiggles

    Pool in Plano Texas

    Any ideas on where to play in Plano Tx. Don't really want to venture into Dallas. Thanks.
  15. Mr. Wiggles

    Walter Glass

    Walked into Jamaica Joes for league and Walter is playing 1 hole with Jacob giving 9-8 playing four ahead. Wins first set and Jacob on the hill when I left for the second set. Walter beat Mark Demick recently, didn't know he played one hole so good. Then several people say he beat Joey Gray at...
  16. Mr. Wiggles


    My small stump grinding business took me to three pool players homes today. second time I have done three poolplayers in a row! Networking I guess. One was cuemaker Jim Ingram from OKC. After finishing his stump he asked if I would like to see his shop. I somehow found time to take a short tour...
  17. Mr. Wiggles

    Carlo Biado vs SVB

    Carlo 6-0 against Shane. Hardtimes.
  18. Mr. Wiggles

    Cue display

    Occasionally I see in the cues for sale section a plastic cue holder with rubber rollers. Usually green. Cue sits on two of these and can be turned to display your cue. Any help appreciated.
  19. Mr. Wiggles

    Tucker Arrives

    My new purpleheart full splice hoppe butt arrived today. Not great pics but mainly just wanted to share my good fortune with others. Plays great. Nice dark ph and pretty birds eye. The shaft wood is really nice also to my untrained eye. A big thank you to Murry Tucker III for as you know his...
  20. Mr. Wiggles

    6x12 snooker.

    There is a six by twelve snooker table in the room I play in. A Dufferin. Same as the cues I guess. Humbling to say the least! Golf ring games mostly. Question is approximately how much distance does cue travel on a long three railer and again on a four railer? I estimate 30 and 40 ft. for those...