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  1. ghost ball

    Monster cues?

    Mostly because everyone is saving up for a jackpot cue.
  2. ghost ball

    Monster cues?

    Monster cues hit over a ton.
  3. ghost ball

    Best player ever for the cash?

    I googled best pool player for the cash and this came up…
  4. ghost ball

    Beating a top 100 player in the world???

    Nice to know I’m surrounded in equal talent here in the az world. I once beat the number 28th gal wpba ranked in tournament play. Now I can’t beat a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.
  5. ghost ball

    Interesting pool story in the news

    Sounds like you and toupee Jay have made better career choices than some pool addicts.
  6. ghost ball

    Interesting pool story in the news

    Honestly, I’m ok with that. They are a business and I, assume, in it to win it.
  7. ghost ball

    Interesting pool story in the news

    So don’t praise them? Maybe after salaries are paid, that’s what left for the players. Or are you suggesting business people at matchroom and predator should be doing it for free or at below market rates?
  8. ghost ball

    Interesting pool story in the news

    Sounds like a bad career choice. Am I expected to feel bad for these choices and therefore I should give them my hard earned money?
  9. ghost ball

    Interesting pool story in the news

    23,600 billy Thorpe. Now what? source is az homepage
  10. ghost ball

    Cue ID please Tad?

    My early tads made around 1973 or before did not have serial numbers. Truth is with Fred. For me, my guess is early 70s. Imo, getting it redone is the way to go. Fred has done a few for me and the results are a brand new cue. Fred will not be working forever…
  11. ghost ball

    Interesting pool story in the news

    It says, according to your data and god knows we know you are 110% always right, that if you want to make a living in pool, you better be in the top 20.
  12. ghost ball

    $2077.14 Balls

    My wife was kinda pissed when I bought these for her birthday. She looked pretty excited seeing the unopened box though.
  13. ghost ball

    Corey getting roasted on Facebook

    Little League Baseball World Series does exactly that. One bracket for OUS and one bracket for US only. The only advantage I see is good tv ratings and not the two best teams competing for the trophy.
  14. ghost ball

    suppose you had $5K to spend on pool...

    Spend it all on blue glue and pour all of it on the snake’s keyboard. Edit, pour half on the snake’s keyboard and the other half on justnum.
  15. ghost ball

    Remind me again why?

    Justnum or the snake. Who has the better ideas? I’m going with justnum and the paper cue.
  16. ghost ball

    Let's see some fancy tips

    Can someone help me post pictures of my diamond inlays in my ferrule and crystal tip? Hits a ton.
  17. ghost ball

    what's the best cue you ever hit with, and why?

    Never met a Tad or Schon in the 19 size I did not like.
  18. ghost ball

    Magnets and a billiard ball for pool engineers/scientists and educators

    I’d like to see the 8 ball hit you dead center in the nuts at break speed and then you try to repeat the experiment.
  19. ghost ball

    Best way to move a pool table?

    1. Teleport. 2. A big truck, a few big friends. 3. Pay a pro.
  20. ghost ball

    What kind of cue please !

    All kidding aside, but shouldn’t the OP be required to start everyone of his post with a “Hey Hey Hey”?